What did I do when I was in a bad mood Ladies of Hive #56

If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?


Life will sometimes have times when it doesn't go the way we want it to, or sometimes we argue with someone or even feel frustrated with ourselves at the moment. Yes, life is not easy so we are always happy, sometimes we also feel suffocated. Who do you want to be with at those times, or what do you want to do at such times? We're often told to always think positive and cheer up, but when bad emotions happen to us, it can be so hard to get those encouragements.


For me, recent times have been a time when I have been through quite a bit of emotional difficulty, constantly feeling stressed and suffocated by the present. At times like these, I really didn't know what to do, and I chose to be alone, reflect on myself, and set goals for the future. Times like this are not easy for me, before I did the above goals, I cried a lot, wiped the tears from my eyes by myself, and comforted myself. Actually, I also have friends and relatives, if they want to, they will also be willing to share with me, but I am afraid, afraid to bring my unhappy things to them, and make them upset, I am afraid. My troubles disturb their lives. Perhaps each person will have a different solution, someone needs someone by their side for advice or just listens to us tell our own stories. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert, and that makes me like being alone. Sometimes we need to be alone, alone to review ourselves to see what we are lacking, what needs to be changed, or what needs to be strived for. At such times, I often listen to instrumental music, upbeat music helps me regain my mood better, then I will clean the house to keep everything neat and tidy. There are some studies that suggest that if we organize and clean the house we live in, it will help our mood become more comfortable and our souls easier to organize and thereby help us to do better. work more efficiently.


Sometimes I also choose to cycle a few times around the streets, jog a few kilometres, let my body relieve stress, and finally return to the bathroom to wash up and make myself a cup of fragrant coffee. what you like, and then finally treat yourself to a delicious meal. Or go to the florist to buy some new flower pots and plant them on the balcony, having a few new members helps my soul become softer. Help me forget the troubles before.



That's how I did it when I wasn't feeling well. Life is like music, there are ups and downs, so in times like this, instead of trying to endure the things that are making us feel uncomfortable, let's make a plan for ourselves. Our bodies get the fun things we deserve. If you want to cry, cry, but after crying, let's stand up stronger than the last time that made us fall. If you want to get angry, get angry, but then let's love ourselves more and let's love ourselves. turn those bad emotions into motivation for us to strive for our next steps. We are wonderful women, we deserve the best, take time for yourself more, love yourself more. Be strong.


This is my entry for the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #56. Thanks to @thu172 and @trangbaby for the invitation and @silversaver888 for this great question. I'd love to have my friends join the contest, so I'd like to invite @anfood, @kyyduyen, too. ❤️

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