My family's traditional holiday and I cherish it the most.

Ladies of Hive Question #59

The holidays are all about tradition. What is your most cherished family holiday tradition? Tell us about it, how it came to be, and why it's special to you.


Family is always the fulcrum, the place where I extend my arms to welcome me back after a long tiring day. But, suddenly the hustle and bustle of life, the separation of the aunt who had to travel in foreign lands, the Ut couple who had to work hard to collect, the father and mother who had to spend the sun and rain on the fields. field. Just for the sake of making a living, a piece of rice and clothes makes people forget each other. The meals were warm and bustling, the laughter and laughter gradually became less and less, and the lonely meals were just me and my grandparents, quietly existing in each slow rhythm of time. But, it is true that "The nation must have a national law - The family must have a family rule", surely every family has a "family rule" which is not only a rule but it is also a unique mark of each family! The family rule of our house that everyone wants to follow is "The holiday on the occasion of the Lunar New Year". This is a mandatory vacation for family members to stay together, not only a relaxation but also a bond of love and sharing of each family member after a tumultuous year. with the call. It's a tradition I never knew, only when I knew "Tet" it was already there!

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Traditions are the good moral values, customs, practices, lifestyles, etc. of our nation, formed and crystallized, preserved and inherited through thousands of years of ups and downs of the country. Along with the glorious history of the nation, the unique characteristics of each region have also adorned our country's traditions with unique and new beauty at each stop on the map of the country. The tradition of the country of Vietnam is therefore not only imbued with national identity but also extremely diverse and unique with impressive touches. Like the traditional custom of celebrating the Lunar New Year in our country, for example. Lunar New Year is a holiday that takes place on the first day of the lunar calendar and is one of the biggest holidays of the year. If the rice tray on Tet holiday in the North is rich and harmonious in taste:
“Fat meat, pickled onions, red couplets
Tree Miraculous, green Banh Chung"
In the South, instead of Banh Chung, people use bank tet to show respect to ancestors and welcome guests to visit their homes. For Vietnamese people, the Lunar New Year is not only a moment of sacred rebirth of heaven and earth after a sad and cold winter, a milestone marking the transformation of everything into the next year, but also a period of time. suitable for family gatherings, so that expatriates can return to their beloved homes, after many days of hard work with the burden of making a living. Tet is also a bit chilly like winter, but it brings warmth to people.


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Therefore, when it comes to Tet, in addition to the feeling of excitement and anticipation, people inevitably have little affection. In that atmosphere, my family also has reunions full of joy and happiness. happiness, laughter as if resounding non-stop, invisible warmth spreads and fills our large but quiet house. It was like a cure for the loss of friendship of the past days. Not only that, the family vacation that takes place every year on the occasion of the traditional New Year – considered a tradition of our family – is a tranquillizer, not only for those who stay at home but also for those who stay at home. Those who continue to go on the road to manage their livelihood tomorrow will have the spiritual motivation to continue looking forward to the next reunion day. Maybe that's why I have a very specific excitement for the coming of the Spring Festival.



Family traditions, which are good values ​​formed and developed by families and clans, handed down by grandparents to future generations, preserved and carried out by descendants until now. Any good things that are kept from one life to another, such as
studiousness, hard work, traditional professions, etc. can all be family traditions. Sometimes, simple things like giving each other gifts, going on holidays, Tet, etc. are also considered traditions and "identities" of the family. In each family, depending on personal circumstances and conditions, as well as society, this will manifest differently. Like my family, there is a tradition of family vacation during Tet - the most important family holiday.


Under the cold weather of the Northwind with gentle but still brilliant sunlight, then the bustling, bustling atmosphere, busy decorating the house, cleaning the surroundings of the people of Ba Keo village in the village. poor countryside, giving people a feeling of recovery, low but extremely excited. Since December 23, the children in the neighbourhood have been looking forward to it, looking back on them I remember that when I was a kid, I was like that, fighting with adults to do housework, but when I didn't do it, I was discouraged. Now it's different, no need to fight any more mom let me do everything! Just kidding, but each person in my family has their own duties. Forgot to introduce my family including 8 members: grandpa, grandma, father, mother, uncle and aunt Ut, aunt 2, and me. On December 28, the expatriate aunt and uncle Ut's wife also returned home after a year of working away from home. Finally, it is only Tet that my family and everyone's family have the opportunity to meet. so crowded.


My mother and grandmother took advantage of cleaning every corner of the house; he then repainted the door; father takes care of each ornamental plant in front of the yard; My uncle and I are both passionate about vibrancy and creativity, so we spent the whole day decorating the house, with red couplets, lanterns, and flashing lights. on the apricot tree, making the evenings of New Year's Day filled with lights of different colours, each colour representing its own reason.
In the early morning of the 29th, when the sun was still rising, my mother and I were present at the market. Wow! The weather is cool but the market is bustling, crowded with people passing by, acquaintances and strangers still laugh and talk with each other, it seems that spring makes people younger and live according to the rhythm of life, not anymore. Busy hustle and bustle but forgot to greet each other like other days, making my heart feel warm and extremely excited. The market was divided into stalls, my mother and I chose beautiful flowers to offer to the ancestral altar, then bought a few more fruits, and then stopped by Miss Tu to buy some Tet cakes, .. .. just got home when aunt, aunt, and mother had already prepared a tray of food to make offerings to grandparents, the rest of the members cleaned the banana leaves to prepare for tomorrow to pack cakes, just finished cleaning the boat leaves, the old tray is also decorated, the tray is carefully prepared with all the specialities of Tet such as braised meat with eggs, bitter melon soup, sausages, silk rolls, melon... *Rice tray That afternoon, there was warmth again, the laughter and laughter of the family resounded throughout the neighbourhood, making the Tet atmosphere even closer. December 30 is a very important day in the Tet holiday series because tonight is the sacred moment of transition between the old year and the new year. Perhaps the thing that makes me saddest when Tet comes is that the homeless are still wandering the streets, in the riverside, they can't help but encounter the scene of canoes full of red watermelons, citrus fruits, The boat was brightly coloured with marigold flowers, those colours were shining brightly across the river spreading scents and colours, but looking at the faces of the saleslady was a bit sad because of the failed crop. On the 30th, I still had to run up and down, begging each person to buy more, I also quickly consoled with New Year wishes to everyone I came into contact with. Father went to the garden to pick fruits for the five-fruit tray, the five-fruit tray was also displayed, including: "Cau, coconut, enough, mango, fig", these 5 fruits are not only beautiful decorations but also meaningful. as big as the owner's wish for everything. Betel nut is also prepared just waiting for the time to set up. Near late afternoon, hearing the chirping and playing of children running around the neighbourhood, they also began to dress up in new clothes that their mother bought. Everyone in the neighbourhood gathered in front of Mr Nam's yard, the mothers spread the cushions and took the Tet cake wrapping contest, jokingly said that the contest was to give people more motivation to pack cakes, but the main purpose was to talk together. , and then explain the problems to each other, those who are at fault apologize, those who forgive also forgive. This is the time when I feel I am lucky and love the place where I grew up so much because people always live by love and meaning, not by swearing and hating each other. The old men and women enjoy the taste of Tet cakes, drink tea and talk stories. Children like me play folk games, then play tiger crab crabs, bingo... After wrapping the cake, the uncles are the ones who light the fire to watch the cakes cook. Everyone eagerly welcomed the fireworks display, when the fireworks started, all looked up at the brilliant colours in the middle of the night sky and then clasped their hands as if to wish for something.

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Looking at the intimate gestures, the loving affection of the family for each other, seeing that the grandparents' eyes are a bit glittery as if there are things that can't be said, I can also guess that part of those eyes is anxiety. Thoughtful thinking of an old man! In me is the fluctuation of all emotions, it seems that I want to keep this sacred moment forever even though the time of the fireworks display is over, but in me, this wonderful moment will also be part of the best memory that does not fade.


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The 1st day of the Lunar New Year has also come, the colours of flowers are blooming, especially the bright yellow of apricot blossoms, adding a faint scent that makes people's hearts flutter, the sky is clear and bright with the chirping of flowers. The bird makes my heart feel more loved than ever. To wear beautiful new clothes, receive red envelopes from adults, send sweet wishes to each other, meet the aunts and uncles of the family, and then gather around a tray of rice. Oh! How happy truth. My whole family took me to the temple to pray for happiness. The next day, the whole family is always together, going to visit tourist areas, returning to the tray of rice in the evening, sharing each other's happy stories and joys, then playing games together. Tet. The afternoon of the 3rd ended, the time when I regretted the most when I had to say goodbye to my aunts and uncles, but for the children of my neighbourhood, "the day is still the New Year", the important days I spent with my family. family, the remaining days until the 10th is when the children of Ba Keo village have fun together.

My family is typical of the Western countryside Tet, Tet is the most traditional and longest festival, an occasion for my family in particular and the Vietnamese extended family, in general, to spend time together, exchange words of love. sweet after the hard days. The holiday lasted for a whole week, so it left many indelible impressions, until now when I tell it, I still hear laughter, warm hugs, and the feeling of joy when receiving lucky money and enjoying it. Eat a tray full of rice with family members, have braised pork, bitter gourd soup, eat tet cake with leaves... Oh! How wonderful the days of dressing happily without having to worry. Listening to grandparents tell stories, I asked them about the origin of Tet, and he said that the Lunar New Year has many names such as New Year, Tet Ta, Lunar New Year, or according to the Sino-Vietnamese word "Lunar New Year" it has meaning as the opening of early morning, the whole Tet holiday is extended from December 23 to January 7 (lasting about 7, 8 days of the old year to the first 7 days of the Lunar New Year). new Year). He said, there is also a lot of controversy about the origin of Tet, some people think that Tet originated in China, and was introduced to our country when "1000 years of Northern domination". Many people believe that Tet originated from the reign of King Hung through the legend of "Banh Chung, Banh Day", so Tet was born before 1000 years of Northern domination. As for me, Tet appears when I know "Tet". Grandma continued to him: "Thanks to Tet, we farmers have the opportunity to show our affection and respect for the gods and ancestors who have blessed us, and besides that, there are many many customs such as: Worshiping Ong Cong, Ong Tao; Make Banh Tet; Visit the grave; Display the five-fruit tray; Clean the house; Going to the ground.... each custom has its own meaning, but they all show respect for the gods, and they are all good luck to start a favourable new year." From the perspective of my grandparents' stories, I understood more about the value and meaning of Tet.


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So you know why Tet is the most special and precious holiday for me! Because it's not just a time to have fun, it's also a time to have family around. There are days like that, we know to cherish the people around us and "home" deserves to be a place to return to. But since the covid epidemic came and it has been 3 years now, I still have not been able to go home to celebrate Tet with my family. Only New Year's Day will make everyone's house happier and busier than ever. For me, Tet is a very special holiday.

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