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This is my second times participating in the ladies of Hive community contest. For this second contest, I'm very interested in questions about;

What are your three favorite smells?

Three smells?

I don't have much experience with smells. But, there are three smells that I always remember.

Old book smell

Hahahaha ... this is so classic. But I love the smell of old books. According to experts, the smell of books is called bibliosmia. The reason why I don't really like digital books or e-books is because they don't have a smell. LOL

Before the pandemic, I had a subscription to selling old books. The place is in the basement of Blok M Mall. I even know the owner very well. Aris. He knew, when I arrived, what kind of book I was looking for. Old books that are out of print. Aris also understands that the books I buy must be original. He knew I really appreciated the author by buying the original book even if it wasn't a new book from the bookstore.

Aris also knows that I can sit and search or read books all day in his shop. He didn't mind. Thank you, Aris for providing an old book that has a pleasant smell.





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Again this is a classic. But, whenever rain falls on dry ground and gives off the smell of wet earth called petrichor, I feel calm. I feel the rain being kinder. When I was in school I hated the rain. I often get soaked because my umbrella handle is broken and it's the only umbrella we have. When we were in high school, my sister and I once fell off our motorbike because the road was slippery when it rained. My head leaked about three centimeters and I had to leave school for up to two weeks.

I began to like the smell of petrichor in the rain that came after my father's funeral. My father died in June. In Indonesia, June is summer. My father was buried at 11.00 am, shortly after, it rained heavily. I smelled the scent of dry earth drenched in rain. I remember those memories. When I googled it, it turned out that the scent had a name; petrichor. Every time I smell petrichor, I remember all the good things about my late father.

The scent of the forest


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What exactly does the forest smell like? A mixture of dust, bark, dew and phytoncides produced from trees and various plants.

Since I like mountain climbing, I feel the forest is a place to relieve stress. At first, I didn't know why the air in the forest made my body and mind more relaxed? Out of curiosity, I look for it in various media or ask experts, they say, forest air contains phytoncides produced from plants. Phytoncides have the function of killing bacteria in the air. So, that is the reason why the air in the forest is always fresh and healthy. And the reason why I love the smell of the forest so much.


Thanks, Hive....for reading!

I want to invite my friend @devyswan1 to join the story in this contest.

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