Travelling or stay close to home durings holidays? - Ladies of Hive Contest 62

Hi all Hivers, Merry Christmas to all of you. From my heart, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year especially 🥰


Do you like to travel during the holidays, or stay close to home?
For either answer, please tell us why!

This week's question from @ladiesofhive and @justclickindiva was amazing and helped me remember all the wonderful holidays I've had and am going through. This is my entry for this contest. You can check the detail from here @ladiesofhive/ladies-of-hive-community-contest-62

Vietnam has a lot of big holidays in the year and the holidays usually last 1-2 days. Especially Tet or Lunar New Year is the traditional Tet holiday of Vietnam and this is the occasion when people get a lot of rest (about 7-10 days). During Tet, I will return home after a year of studying and working in another city. At that time, my family will gather together and make delicious dishes such as Chung cake, spring rolls, bamboo shoot soup, etc. . . My favorite thing about Tet is the family reunion. We will talk about the past year with a wide range of emotions. We will wish each other a happy new year and exchange lucky money. For me Tet always lags the time I look forward to the most in the year to come home


Tet in my country takes place on the 1st day of the first lunar month. The street was filled with the colors of flowers. I like to go to the market with my mother to buy food for Tet, and with my father to choose plants to play during Tet. The North of Vietnam is very typical with pink peach blossoms. The beautiful peach tree will bloom right on New Year's Eve



(I love all dishes on Tet which is cooked by my mother)

As for other holidays like Christmas and the first day of the year, I will choose travel trips. This is a time close to a new year and past an old year. I will give myself 2-3 days rest and go to another city to feel the peace and fresh climate where I live is Hanoi. I will look at the beauty of nature and immerse myself in its magical beauty

How's your Christmas this year? For me it is very fulfilling when I travel to Da Lat - one of the places with the most wonderful nature and climate in Vietnam. I stayed here for 3 days and ate typical Dalat dishes, talked with locals and visited interesting places. If you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam, you should visit Da Lat once.





I think, the choice of living near family or traveling during the festival will depend on the charactoristic of the holiday and the time of your work. I hope that wherever you are, you will have moments of joy and happiness. People will no longer be too bothered and tired of work. The holiday will help us look back on the journey of the past 1 year, how we have tried and continue to believe in a better life.

Thank you for reading this article. I'd love to invite @ngoan8x to join this contest with me. Once again I hope that you have a peaceful and happy Christmas and a wonderful new year

Cheers. Peace and Love

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