My Responsibilities during family travels LOH-#143

Traveling is something I enjoy because I get the chance to see a new environment and explore. We have never traveled far as a family with the children, and our longest journey together is just 40 minutes, but even that short distance can turn into utter chaos if not properly planned. it's me, my husband, his cousin, our energetic 3-year-old son, and our 9-month-old baby. You might assume that leaving the house would be a breeze with three adults and only two babies, right? Well, let me tell you, it's not..

To begin with, my husband tends to focus solely on his own needs. Even though he may occasionally assist with undressing a child, he usually claims to have no idea how to bathe them. Seriously? I also didn’t know how but I had to learn. There was no choice but to become an expert in the art of child care. From bath time to mealtime, it all falls on my capable shoulders. Thanks to his cousin who has been around for a while now though, she has been a tremendous help.

Taking care of two little ones simultaneously is not a joke. It's a never-ending responsibility that demands my attention round the clock. Imagine getting ready to leave the house and the older one wants to ride his bicycle or asks for something every 2 minutes, while the younger one cries for attention.

Packing for the trip is a task in itself is something I prefer to do myself. From diapers and bottles to toys and snacks, I must remember to pack everything the kids might need. A misplaced favorite toy or a forgotten snack can quickly turn into a recipe for disaster. It's as if I'm carrying a small convenience store in my bag, ready to meet any possible demand from my little adventurers. I must also remember to turn off the lights because I’m the only one bothered by the fact that it’s wasting when we are not using it. Doing all these makes me the last person to the car every time, and my husband assumes I spend all that time on my makeup. I admit, making up takes like 5 minutes of my time when everyone is in the car, but that’s only because it’s the little time I have to myself.

During the journey, I’m either feeding the baby or helping my husband drive (by occasionally saying “watch out for this or that”) which annoys him 😂 or just having a conversation to make sure he isn’t bored while driving. Then there’s the Part where we have to beg my son to sit down properly. We have stopped using the car seat because he won’t seat in it, and since many of our car rides are in the community, I usually don’t carry it along since we are seldom on the busy road.

I enjoy my responsibilities, although I scream within me countless times for a break. I feel fulfilled when I see everyone happy and content knowing that I had something to do with it.

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