My Money Saving Hacks- LOH contest #135

In today's world where things keep getting more expensive by the day, having a plan to save more money is always welcome. The demands keep getting bigger than the income in my family, so I decided to calculate our basic needs and it turns out that food takes more than half of our income, then our two cars.

The first thing I did was to stop using my car. It may be detrimental in the long run because its been sitting in one place for months and the tires are all flat now, but we’ve been using one car since January this year.

Secondly, I bought a lot of tomatoes in the same month of January and stored them in glass jars since tomatoes were ridiculously cheap then. A basket in my state sold for less than $9. I bought one basket of tomatoes, grinder them, boiled them to remove water, and then finally sealed them in glass jars. I can only show you the pictures of the jars because I used the last jar of tomatoes 4 weeks ago and now I’m waiting for when tomatoes will be cheap again.

Heres a picture of an empty jar from the last batch

Another hack has been doing my laundry every day. I do not own a washing machine and keeping a basket full of laundry means I’ll have to dedicate a day to doing my laundry.

Finally, I stopped buying things in small quantities. I joined a collection pool with some of my friends where we all contribute the same amount monthly and take turns in collecting the total amount contributed. I used mine to buy a lot of foodstuff such as rice, sugar and other things with long shelf life. That way, I can focus on fewer things monthly or weekly depending on the needs and save money too because it’s more expensive to buy in small quantities.

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