Ladies of Hive Contest #85 - Criticism, How I Deal With It

Hello, everyone. Long time no see. How about you? and what is your story this week. I can see that the topic this week is really interesting, How do you handle corrections or criticisms from other people? It makes us think a lot.

Every also has their own's mistakes but how do you feel when someone fixes or gives you advice? do you like it? Of course, I am not. and the topic this week is the question that makes me think about my feeling and other's feeling when I advise someone or they advise me. Then how can do we when we have received criticism from other people?
Everyone has their own way of dealing with criticism from others. Listening to other people's criticism is really uncomfortable, isn't it? each time, I would feel unhappy at first, and then sometimes feel low about myself, thinking that I didn't do well. but sometimes I will get angry at people who criticize me, I think they are not me so they don't understand my way of doing things, I also think they are arrogant too. Looking back, I think I was really mean.

Those are the times when I get criticized but I don't think it's appropriate and in this article, I want to give a few ways to deal with feedback.
The first thing is: Listen carefully


If you leave out important comments, you are bound to make the same mistakes again and again. Remember to take notes and constantly remind yourself how to fix the problem. This step is the most difficult, as it means you have to pacify your self-esteem and acknowledge your responsibility for the flaws.
Second, don't be too proud
If a coworker criticizes you, tell yourself that it doesn't mean that he or she doesn't like you, or that your qualifications can't meet the requirements of the job. Colleagues are simply trying to make sure you do your best work.
The third is to agree to part of the criticism
When faced with criticism, most people tend to look at negative feedback, but not necessarily, and ignore the rest. That doesn't solve the problem, and you won't learn anything. When you agree with a piece of criticism, you become more open to learning. You don't have to agree to everything, even agreeing to a small aspect of the criticism is enough to create a team atmosphere. This focus can then set the stage for how you will deal with the problem together, making you less likely to feel attacked. And finally will receive and analyze the comments and criticisms of others.
It takes time to process the information, determines if it's a valid criticism, and decide what to do to solve the problem or correct the mistake. If it's a complaint that you hear over and over, you should think about it and learn from it so you don't have to repeat it again.
Instead of remaining angry or upset about criticism that might affect your future at work. Put the mistakes out of your mind and focus on completing the next task in the best way.
This topic in the week is really useful for me when I can read many sharing or other ways about how I can deal with criticism.

Thank you take the time for my sharing. Have a nice day.

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