Hello virtuous ladies of hive community, hope we all are having a wonderful weekend start.

Here is my entry for this week #107 #loh contest.

If I were to be a ghost and could posses someone, wow 😮 I must say, that would be a whole lots of task.

Firstly, I will posses one of our top powerful political in my country to change the situation of my country as it is getting worst and rotten as day passes by. The mission will be to posses the person in paying all the long defaulted salaries of innocent working citizens and also the pension of the innocent retired citizens.

Then proceed to increments of salaries, pay a diligent and reasonable amount of money for salary earners so those working tireless will no longer feed from hand to mouth, they all should be well compensated for their diligent and vibrant services.

And I will also ensure our vibrant farmers are well appreciated by providing all agricultural implements and machinery for their farming convenience and also make sure anything and everything that can be produced in our belove country will no longer be imported and feeding will not be like a tog of war in the country anymore.

Well facilitated and very affordable government hospitals with well equipped modernize and digitalise medical apparatus.

A well paid salaries for the qualified medical practitioners to put an end to strikes which led to the deaths of innocent souls.

A standard good roads, separating the trailers route from other vehicles to avoid constant accidents.

A serene and comfortable learning environment equipped with all needed facilities to make learning enjoyable and pleasant to all students at an affordable fee and also ensure the rightful payments of salaries to all lecturers to avoid time to time strikes.

Employment opportunities for all youths with a good salary.

Then I will also make sure the person I posses creates vocational skills and startup capital for the less privileged and special beings (disable)

I will also ensure a law is setup and been put into action to stop domestic violence between husband and wife, child trafficking and early marriage of little girls whom are not of age.

I will ensure our naira currency regains back it's value.

And also ensure a permanent solution to flooding, so everyone will be safe with their lives and property irrespective of their environment.

I will ensure kidnappings, boko harams and fulani herdsmen are totally eradicated.

I will make sure we all live peaceful in one love and unity and most of all, we all live in abundance.

Thanks for reading to the end and see you all in my next post 🤗 😍

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