LOH Contest 85: My response to criticism.

To me, criticism is inevitable, at some point in life everyone will face it. Sometimes we try to avoid it by staying away from things and doing nothing that will make us not get criticized or judged. This can make us feel uncomfortable, lack confidence in ourselves and can be very unpleasant too. But how long can we stay without taking certain actions that concerns our lives just because we don’t want to be criticized, which involves our relationship with family members, colleagues at work and friends.

The truth is not only that criticism is possible any time we do things or say anything, but if well delivered, corrections can be taken in the right way and mistakes can be accepted. That’s why constructive criticism is the best approach to use while giving feedbacks. There isn’t a perfect person, constructive criticism can be a helpful tool by which the recipient can be open to learn and gain better experience to help them grow and improve. The important thing when we are receiving criticism is, how we react to it.

Everyone has a different way to reacting to a statement of correction or criticism and it’s just a matter of how it was done that we would react to. I am a very sensitive and emotional person (Imagine this two personality in one person). Criticism helps me to know where I have gone wrong and how to do better and that’s one thing I appreciate about it. But the aftermath of the criticism will be determined by the manner which it was done.
When I was a young child, if I do something wrong for example and in the cause of corrections I was yelled at on why I did the thing, I stay calm and start to cry (lol). Why do I cry? Because of the yelling, my guilt, which made me felt and realized the gravity of what I have done and the mistake I have made. But now it’s a bit different. When I get criticized over something I did and I know I truly deserve it. I just try to stay calm so not to unleash my emotions or try to be defensive which can be really hard for me to control something, then I listen to what the person has to say and try to understand the corrected points being made. My response can be immediately, so I try to be at my best pitch just not to appear weak or emotionally down, I take a deep breath shortly after.

This is my entry for the #LOH community contest week #85.

1️⃣ How do you handle corrections or criticisms from other people?

I’ll like to invite @thequizshow to join this contest:)

Thank you all for reading

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