Hello Hivers it's a day very bright with positive mindset hopefully you are doing great by God's Grace.

I am a young girl residing in my country Nigeria though not in my hometown in particular. I Live in Ogidi in Idemili Local Government Area, Anambra State. The country's situation is quite a hard one which calls for great alarm. Before now inflation was the talk, unlike now when people no longer put there minds too much to it. The rate of insecurity now is disheartening bad news every now and then.

People now Leaving there comfort zone don't know what awaits them outside. The country is becoming too bad for living 😞.The countries has been terrorized to much. Bad news flying up and down which are very unpleasant to the ear. Some bad news are sometimes unbelievable along the long run sources proves it right and to our wonder for how long , till when.

Monday morning the phcn (power holding company of Nigeria) and The Idemili Local Government Area all in my Locality were burnt in the midnight. Properties like over 34 Cars were destroyed. A place some can trek to or use 50-100Naira ($0.09_ $0.17) to go to.Sleeping well is more like a problem, no one really knows what is happening next.Killings here and there, kidnapping and other bad vices are happening.

We are still a developing country for years with the difficulty we are in how then can we finally complete the long run and become a developed country as others. The little infrastructure we have are being destroyed.

We hope in God for help in our country.
We also wish for a better citizens and better government who would carry the country's interest at heart.


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Citizens are in distress and hope for the best in our country Nigeria.
Thanks dear for visiting my Blog 🌹.
Positivity is our watchword.

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