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Nigeria is my country a Country in the west Africa region of the world. Being from Nigeria am from Ngelokpo in Udenu Local Government Area,Enugu State but am born and resides in Ogidi in Idemili Local Government Area, Enugu State.
History are really there in which can serve as a legacy to look on at times intervals. Past events are
Learning of past events particularly in humans in which can serve as legacy to we individuals. That's a whole series ofpast events connected with a particular person or thing and below is of * Woman* in history in my dear County.

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In the history of Nigeria down to Where i reside i want to write about a women named Virginia etiba . Virginia etiaba is a woman, a Nigerian politician who served as governor of Anambra State., State in the South-Eastern Nigeria for three Months. She served tge state from from November 2006- February 2007.
Politics in a country like mine is open for every gender both Male and Female but it seems as tge Male rules more. There has not been a female President in Nigeria before but as for Governor it won't be in history for even if a day rulerships indeed the person ruled, she ruled for three Months.

She was the First to serve as Governor of a Nigeria State, in record in the past events in our country Nigeria.

I choose to write about her is that seeing woman do those things that might not be so easy is always amazing 🤩 and seeing them by God's Grace and Mercy 🙏 achieving the goals is worth writing and emulating 🙏.

This is my entry to the#ladies of Hive #150 Contest

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