Ladies Of Hive Community Contest #100 : How To Avoid Being Scammed By Romance Fraudsters



Good day dear @LadiesofHive hope you are having a great weekend. I haven't been active lately due to some circumstances. But I'll be participating in this contest and I'll be answering the following question;

Romance scams are on the rise, and anyone can be a target. Scammers create fake profiles on dating sites and apps, or contact their targets through popular social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. They strike up a relationship with their victims and build trust, sometimes over months or even years. They eventually ask for money, often pretending to need it for medical bills, travel costs, or unexpected emergencies.
What will you do to avoid being a victim of dating scams online?

Just as the Internet have proven to be very useful and full of advantages, it has also shown us how dangerous it could be if used wrongly. The internet which is used as an effective means of communication and exchange of information, is now being used to perpetuate evil.

Some social media apps like; Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram which was designed to help facilitate communication and promote connectivity is now been used by fraudsters to scam unsuspecting victims. People who look for love on some dating sites is now preyed upon by scammers who create fake profiles. They actually lure you in through pretence, especially when they find you vulnerable.

I can't say it's easy not to fall prey to this predators but what I can say is that, you can be prevent it. Firstly, restrict the information you post on various social media platform. Because it is through this informations, that scammers find a way to lure you in. For instance, if you're are the type of person that do post about your daily activities, you can become an easy target to this predators. All they'll do is monitor you and find a perfect opportunity to strike. They can start by pretending to be your friend before showing their real color.

Also to avoid being scammed by romance fraudsters on various dating sites, always try to do a background check on anybody you seem to have a genuine interest in. scammers are always known to be sweet talkers. They can even get too emotional just to capture your full interest. So to prevent this, always try to know vital informations about the person like, their email address, location etc.

To prevent getting scammed by romance scammers who pretend to be popular influencers or even celebrities, it is better to interact with the ones that have a verified account. Because, scammers pretend to be celebrities or popular influencers just to extort money from unsuspecting victims by using fake accounts. You can also set up a place to meet up with the person. If he/she cancels without giving any reasonable explanation, that can be a sign that the person is not genuine.

In conclusion, you can never be too careful to avoid being scammed, but you can apply wisdom in your daily activities to avoid falling prey to hungry predators. For example, avoid sending money to people you meet on the internet. You can even talk to a family member or someone you trust before taking any decision to avoid making mistakes that could have been prevented.

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