Wednesday Walk

This post is for my favorite #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay and #makemesmile challenge by @elizacheng .

It is also for

#alwaysaflower by @dswigle
#mycalifornia by @derekrichardson .


I stopped by the "urban meadow" close to home.
I wanted to get my walk in
and at the same time check on the flowers
to see how they are doing.

The urban meadow is the field,
that traditionally, anybody takes care of (or not),
and where everyone plants flowers
or their unwanted plants.

It was beautiful two weeks ago...
when the flowers were blooming.
Petunias, Catmint, Black-eyed Susans,
Daisys, Coreopsis, Impatient...
People just plant whatever, and it was lovely.

But today, somehow, it is less pretty.
The most of the flowers are tired blooms.
There are dead portions of pants.
And nobody has removed them.

It has been raining two days in a row.
Perhaps that was the reason why
no one has come to tend to flowers.
Or maybe because prior to the rains,
it was the heat... the burning hot sun.

I have a few minutes, so I'll clean up a bit.
I do have a set of garden
gloves at the back of the car.
I'll remove the dried and dead plants,
so that the next person who comes
will still enjoy the meadow.

Ah.. imagine this garden patch
clean and tended.
There are flowers still
and I see some flower buds.
The few flowers will
stand out in this rubble.

The yellows,
and white flowers
will stand out!

Well, I best get to it
before it gets dark.
The sun sets at 7 PM.
While there is light
I shall work as fast as I can!


Join us for #wednesdaywalk of @tattoodjay. It is so much fun. It is in collaboration with @elizacheng's #makemesmile challenge.

#alwaysAflower is a tag by @dswigle.

It is also for Show Us Your California by @derekrichardson.

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