Market Friday in Sonoma, California

It's Friday one again! And it is time for my all-time favorite tags!

Don Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, famed Californio statesman and general, founded Sonoma in 1835.

A friend learned that I was visiting. The history of our friendship goes all the back when I would regularly come for vacations from Hawaii.

She called me up and asked that we meet in Sonoma Plaza.

You can see her reflected on the right (and I am on the left), when I took a photo of this window display!

We actually bought a bottle of wine and some appetizers. We spent catching up with one another as we sat on one of the picnic tables in the square.

The town square is itself small and quaint. Shops line up the entire square.

There are galleries, the old cheese factory, olive oil, wineries, restaurants, all sorts of shops... I'll tell you more when I have the time to post all photos.

The local folks as well as people from all over come the bay area come and visit to eat their meals, afternoon teas, wine tasting, shopping, and just to browse the stores.

Sonoma is just an hour away from San Francisco. We have, I think, about 500 wineries down here (per reports), and lots of farm-to-table dining at restaurants run by acclaimed chefs, farmers, and winemakers.

These photos were taken in Sonoma, California.

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