Market Friday: Cross Stitching

How sweet it is

It was fun going to our County Fair last Sunday! The townsfolks were missing the traditional livestock portion of the fair, but nonetheless there was so much to see!

The theme of the fair was "How Sweet it is at the 2022 Yolo County Fair". I guess the organizers wanted to express the general sentiment of everybody of missing the county fair for past years 2020 and 2021.


All major organizations were represented and they had their booths, all decorated with banners and what-not, each with their outreach efforts with little games and giveaways life recyclable shopping bag, fans, stickers and such.

There were vendor booths, games, carnival rides and food vendors all over the 55-acre fairgrounds.

I personally spent time in going through the many exhibits and results of competitions held where anyone can join and compete, showcasing their talent and skills in the arts and crafts.

Cross Stitching

In the category open to adults on Clothing & Textile, a series of competitions were held in quilting, crocheting, sewing, a needlework. There were plenty of entries.

I'll show the First Place and Second Place winners in the subcategory Needlework Picture.

First Place in Needlework Picture

This needlework Cross Stitching generated the points to make First Place.

It is an interpretation of a house in our town but with added features like another wing to the house and some added trees... a not true to form, sort of a make-believe house. But it does make the cross stitching complicated.

The tower with a bell-shaped roof, inset porches, and a cross-ridged main roof, and all those architectural elements of a Queen Anne style of a house is shown in an incredible detail.

The exterior walls that are in and out, "waved" and notched shingles, milled horizontal sidings and also shown.

It must have taken sometime to finish this needlework. The fabric used doesn't look like Aida but a finer fabric like Hardanger or a Jobelan.

Aida is most common in cross stitching projects. Aida cloth is an open weave, even-weave cotton fabric. It has a natural mesh that facilitates cross stitching and enough natural stiffness that some crafters do not need to use a hoop.Source

Second Place in Needlework Picture

This one is a smaller piece than the First Place winner, but the needlework picture is the exact copy of a Victorian Mansion in our town.

The cross-stitch project is made of a finer fabric than an Aida cloth It utilizes fewer colors of embroidery floss. Also, this project didn't entail complex stiches as the first one. It is straight-forward cross stiches. I suspect that was the reason why this work came in second place.

It is nevertheless beautiful. The house is presented as grand as can be... a prefect example of example of the Stick style Victorian architecture in vogue in the 1880s.

Below is a photo of the historical house. I featured it once before here in my blog. You will find an article about this house along with two other homes.

The Gable Mansion is a true gem in the heart of my town. It has been designated State Historical Landmark #864. The house received the town's Heritage Home award in 1986.

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