Lanikai Beach, Kailua Hawaii

Lanikai Beach in Kailua Hawaii is the most beautiful beach in the world!

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Lanikai Beach is regularly voted as one of the best beaches in America and is the only beach in the USA that was voted as one of the best beaches in the world.

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Lanikai Beach, which means "heavenly ocean", has calm, tranquil, aqua blue waters! The beach has clean white sand and extremely soft and powdery.

One can view the "Twin Islands" in the background in Lanikai Beach. They are called the Nā Mokulua. The islands are Moku Iki and Moku Nui.

No one is allowed to land on the southern island, Moku Iki, as it is a bird sanctuary. Kayakers will often row out to land on the larger northern island, Moku Nui, because it accessible to the visitors in the daytime. There are more reefs around in the area of the Nā Mokulua.

You'll see a bunch of outriggers at the back of the beach area in the afternoons.

Closer to the shore, there is not much reef to attract the fish. So snorkeling is not the best. If you want to snorkel, look for the dark parts of the ocean waters where the rocks are, and there will most likely be fish. The water can also become a little bit cloudy from the powdery sand stirring up from the bottom shoreline.

Next to Lanikai Beach is a primarily upper-class residential area. The beach can be accessed through public beach access paths. Finding Lanikai Beach can be tricky because there are no posted beach signs.

There is a large pillar in the general area, marked "Lanikai". The public access is located through beach alley ways between the residential homes and I heard that there are six (?) such beach pathways. I have used 3 so far.

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There is no public parking lot. You have to be dropped off or park far, far away, LOL. There are no facilities either like restrooms, showers, or lifeguards. The beach itself is public property, but it is not state land nor a county beach park like many beaches in Hawaii.

I am totally mesmerized by the beauty of this beach with its softest white powdery sand and calm blue waters. Swimming in calm waters... I can swim forever! It’s the peaceful and relaxing which I truly enjoy!

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Hawaii has many native flowers. I will leave you with this Hibiscus which is unique in color. It's my favorite color too! This photo was taken during my visit of the Dole Plantation.


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