Grateful to Hive and Hivers!

Living a grateful life is important in our world because we are prone to overlooking the treasures that are right in front of us and inside us in our ongoing search for more and better things.

The goal of grateful living is to take nothing for granted by asking us to be aware of everything that is already present and plentiful in our lives, from the smallest acts of beauty to the most significant blessings. We may train ourselves to pay attention to and accept the fact that life is a gift.

Living with gratitude helps us recognize and take advantage of the chances that are constantly present for us to learn and grow as well as to extend our love and compassion to others. This is true even during the most trying situations.

1 oz SilverTowne Thanksgiving Silver Round

Round Highlights:

Celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday!

Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.

The obverse features a bountiful harvest.

On the reverse is a blank design element.

Source: JM Bullion

I had friends over Sunday for Thanksgiving weekend dinner!

I didn't want to spend so much time roasting the turkey, so I spatchcocked the turkey. It was only 12 pounds. To spatchcock the turkey, I removed the bird’s backbone so that it lays flat. Then I placed butter under the skin and dry seasonings on top before putting it in the oven. It allows it to cook more quickly and evenly.

I made everything from scratch except the tempura. Green beans, sausage and mushroom stuffing, truffle mashed potatoes, gravy, corn ribs, pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream... it was a breeze!


Join us for #wednesdaywalk of @tattoodjay. It is so much fun. It is in collaboration with @elizacheng's #makemesmile challenge.

It is also for Show Us Your California by @derekrichardson.

All photos, gif, and video were taken by me with my iPhone, unless specified.

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