Flowers and People

In the "urban meadow" close to home, there is this bush of flowers. Its flowers are not perfectly shaped, like orchids or tulips.

The petals are not neatly arranged the way flowers are admired for. Nor are they scented, the way jasmine or roses are.

They are very much like me and most of the people around. We are not at all perfect.

But it is okay to the rough around the edges. It's okay if you feel awkward at times.

It's even okay if you are scarred, or broken or bruised.

Isn't it weird... how some people can make you feel? It's so draining that you feel so tired after listening to them. They leave you feeling shriveled up!

Yet, and most of the time, people are easy. It feels so light being around them. They appreciate your passion, they have words of joy, they are optimistic.

What is funny is that often times... the awkward, the broken and bruised... are the same people who see the sunny side of things, and have brighter outlooks in life.

Some people are just eternally thankful, while others are never satisfied.

I think if we try...

that we can be
not perfect,
but be always


#alwaysaflower is a tag by @dswigle!

It is also for Show Us Your California by @derekrichardson.

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