Flowers and a Poem for MarketFriday

The flowerheads of pink, rose, red, blue, lavender, colors. Ice plants, a multitude of purple-pink flowers... Gerbera Daisies of electric pink!

It's the warm, sunny days that bring the blooms! Purple and flaming magenta. Deep red roses!

Dahlias, larkspur, snapdragons... if these stalky flowers could talk... but they can! Squeeze the sides of the bloom and the mouth of the flower opens. Salvia... rich indigo-blue and purple colors, the stunning deep purple flowers.

Aren't the colors just beautiful? Does the flowers make you happy?

I read once that flowers can make you happy by triggering your happy brain chemicals and stimulate social trust.

Where Is Happiness

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

A job, a car, a house, or two
Are they the things that bring happiness to you?
Where do I find this happiness thing?
Can someone to me it bring?

Does it mean I will laugh a lot?
Or, does it mean riches will never part
Is it a thing or just a feeling
Like being hot or absolutely freezing?

Where do I find this happiness?
They say it is like gold, so precious.
Look no further than in your heart
It is how you feel and what you impart.

You see if you are content with life
If you brush off the strife
And find joy in the little things
You will find happiness will sing.

Your attitude plays a role too
It is the lens you view life through
Is your focus on the positive
Or, do you only see the negative?

You choose with heart and mind
Whether you find happiness or whether you stay blind.
Open your eyes, count your blessings that surround
And you will find a happiness that compounds.


#MarketFriday is by Denise @dswigle.
I absolutely love #MarketFriday!

#AlwaysAFlower is also a tag initiated by Denise!

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