FIGS of MyCalifornia for Market Friday

I have a fig plant... just one. It is quite young, but has produced its first fruits!

Oh, that's my darling Yorkie, StarDust. Muah!

I've been trying to stay away from plants, but I can't help it πŸ™! I miss the figs from my first home. I was thinking that maybe one tree will not hurt.

Anyhow, I wanted to bake Fig Bread again!

Fresh figs are delicate and very fragile. The ripe fruit often splits open in the tree, even when left alone. And finding locally grown fresh figs that is not wilted or semi-spoiled is a challenge here in California. I don't know how it is outside of California where it is grown. Maybe in Italy it would be better?

The color of the fig fruits depends on the variety. They maybe white, green, red, and purplish-black. I have experienced growing Calimyrna figs which are green in color, and Black Mission Figs.

This is a Black Mission Fig. I planted this variety in my first home, and I planted one again here πŸ€ͺ! It has a strawberry-colored interior and I tell you, the figs from this tree are guaranteed to be insanely sweet!

I think they are called mission figs because they were first introduced by Franciscan missionaries to San Diego in 1700's. Don't quote me on that, 😜hehehe.

It is great to eat them fresh! They are delicious with blue cheese or aged salty cheeses or cured meats like pancetta, bacon, and ham.

Fresh figs have a honeyed taste sweetness and the texture is soft and squishy... the seeds give it a pleasant crunch!

I would put them in Spinach Salad, and often bake a batch of two loaves of fresh Fig Bread. When I am able to harvest at least two cups of figs, I will show you how to bake my version of Fig Bread. Hmmm... yummy!

In the meantime, I ate the first fig from my tree. When this fig tree matures, the fruit will improve in quality. Nevertheless, the first fruit was...



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