An Evening with Friends in Hawaii

When you haven't seen each other for ages (well, more like three and a half years), a get-together over brunch is simply not enough!

When in Hawaii, it is best to eat where the locals eat, and its guaranteed delicious! It is hard to pick and choose for there are many restaurants in this category.

We went to Teishoku Restaurant.

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What we ordered.

This is the menu.

They pride themselves of serving the Best Misoyaki Butterfish in Honolulu, so I ordered one! It doesn't disappoint, guys. It is really the best!

We ordered all sort of food!

Combination Beef Teriyaki and Shrimp Tempura

Chicken Teriyaki

Ramen Noodles with...

... Chicken Katsu

Tempura Roll

California Roll

and a Chirashi Don.

Chirashi Don is basically a bowl with sashimi on top of sushi rice, which of course makes it sushi, not sashimi. This one had tuna, salmon, yellow tail, salmon roe, and sushi rice underneath

The Check

Have you ever wondered why it is called a check?

Well, Don Lee was a clear explanation.

The basic working definition of a check is an instruction to pay. If you make out a check (cheque?) to me, you’re instructing your bank to pay me whatever amount of money (out of your funds) you wrote on the check. You’re sending your bank a bill, by way of me. When your restaurant server writes out the “guest check,” that’s the instruction for you to pay the restaurant the amount written out. The restaurant is sending you a bill. A check is a bill, and a bill is a check.



I enjoyed my time with old friends. Good friends do not have to be together always. We may not see each other often. But we are joined together... like an invisible thread tying us all together... there is this oneness that proves our friendship.


#MarketFriday is by Denise @dswigle. I absolutely love #MarketFriday!

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