3rd Anniversary of Ladies of Hive

Today, we conclude the week-long celebration of the 3rd Year Anniversary of Ladies of Hive.

An anniversary is a reason to rejoice because it gives us a chance to take a break from our routines, focus on the things we like about each other, and reframe our relationship so that we may see things more optimistically.

We've shared knowledge, gained insight from others, and been moved by one another's experiences as well as the concepts we've discussed. We are conscious that we are here for each other.

We should congratulate one another on a job well done at this time.

September 6, 2020Created the Ladies of Hive Community
September 11, 2020ARCHON was live in Ladies of Hive
September 10, 2021First air drop
August 15, 2021Introduction of the LOH Token, and trials of tokens
November 30, 2021Full Implementation of LOH Tokens (manual)
April 22, 2022Enabled LOH Token to be shared using !LADY
June 2022LOH Dividend Sharing
July 8, 2022Content creators given LOH Author Rewards
September 10, 2022Second airdrop
November 2, 2022Temporarily suspended Author-rewards due to some fake accounts
January 4, 2023Enable Author-rewards
February 20, 2023A group/s are setting up fake accounts thus getting free tokens for each post they make to our community. They immediately sell the tokens at rock bottom prices. The group was dragging the price of our tokens down. We again suspended the Author-rewards. We have not enabled the Author-rewards to date.
March 2023Collaborated with LeoFinance for Author of the Week
July 8, 2023Daily HIVE Curation Rewards awarded for Delegators of Ladies of Hive
September 1, 2023All articles with that uses the #ladiesofhive tag gets manual curation from LadiesOfHive
September 18, 2023Third airdrop
October 1, 2023Restructure weekly LOH prize for all winners to receive 10 LOH each

We suggest these recommendations to our membership:

  • While the Author-rewards temporarily disabled, it is encouraged for each other to share LOH Tokens in your comments to one another in Ladies of Hive. This is the ordinary way to earn the LOH Tokens since Author-rewards is disabled.
  • Carefully select the individuals to whom you'll share our LOH Tokens using the !LADY command. If you share our tokens with someone who is not a member of Ladies of Hive, that person will hopefully hold the LOH token for some time. Our goal is to encourage token holders to accumulate and HODL the LOH Tokens over a long period of time, not to dump the tokens at rock bottom prices at the first opportunity. (Some of these individuals sell our tokens with no regard for the current prices of our tokens!)
  • Strive to accumulate 100 LOH tokens in your account. At 100 LOH Tokens, the account holder starts to be eligible to receive Weekly LOH Dividend Sharing, opening up the opportunity to grow your holding exponentially.
  • Continue to participate in the weekly contest using the two-question prompt at Ladies of Hive.
  • Develop the habit of visiting our Discord channel for relationship building, friendships, and motivation at https://discord.gg/3vphn5fA .

    Thank you for each other's presence and support of each other's contributions to Ladies of Hive.

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