I come from a place where there are opportunities staring you in the eye, but it’s looking for the people who have the heart and the courage to do it and do it right.— Ibukun Awosika

In a world where people frown at highly successful women, for me, Pastor Ibukun Awosika's life is truly inspiring. She went from being a shy Muslim girl who was only good enough to be a wife, to building a furniture business in 1989 and becoming a force to reckon with in the business world.

I know we all know her as the serving Chairman of the prestigious First Bank PLC. But, do you know this 60-year-old grandmother also serves as a member of the board of directors at Cadbury Plc, a member of the governing board convention on business integrity, and a member of the governing board at Digital Jewels LTD.? Interestingly, she is not about to retire.

I see myself in this woman every time I remember she studied Chemistry only to end up a business tycoon, just the way I studied Nursing, and right now, my main income is always from writing and investment.

This goes to say, your certificates don't define your journey. If you want it, just go for it and stop giving silly excuses like, "I don't have an MBA," "I did not study psychology, how can I be a therapist?"

Surely, you might go back to study all that, but it is not a good enough excuse not to start now.

You tell me, what exactly is a science student doing in the business world?

Yet, what truly sets her apart is not just her achievements as a business mogul, author, and inspirational speaker, but the extraordinary balance she has achieved in her life.

Picture this: a powerhouse in the corporate world, a loving and dedicated mother, with the good fortune of a supportive husband, and a woman of faith who also serves as a pastor. Ibukun Awosika embodies the art of balancing a successful career, motherhood, and spirituality. But how does she do it? How does she find that elusive equilibrium that so many of us aspire to achieve?


Ibukun Awosika's rise in the corporate world is a testament to her unwavering determination and drive. Her leadership at First Bank has not only shattered glass ceilings but also inspired countless women and men to reach for their own dreams. The question arises: how does she excel in her career without sacrificing other aspects of her life?

One key to her success lies in her time management skills. Ibukun is known for her discipline and ability to prioritize tasks effectively. She sets clear goals, delegates when necessary, and focuses on what truly matters. This allows her to maintain her professional excellence while also being present in her family's life.


The saying goes that behind every successful woman, there is a supportive man. In Ibukun's case, her husband has played a crucial role in enabling her to strike a balance. Their understanding and partnership in parenting have been pivotal in her journey. Together, they ensure that their children receive the love and attention they deserve, even in the midst of her demanding career.
Open and honest communication is key. Ibukun and her husband have likely had numerous conversations about their respective roles and responsibilities.


Ibukun Awosika's faith in God is not a passive aspect of her life but an integral part of her identity. She boldly calls herself an "Apostle in the marketplace."

For Ibukun Awosika, faith provides a sense of purpose and grounding. While listening to one of her teachings, she talked about praying and studying her Bible on flights during long trips.

With such a busy life, I wonder if Ibukun Awosika ever sleeps at all. Because, to become a powerhouse like her requires too much hard work.

Her numerous awards are a testimony to her courageous life. One of such awards was Financial Standard and Pan-African Organisation for Women Recognition (POWR).

Who wouldn't want to walk in the footsteps of such a great woman?
She challenges me to push myself to the forefront of my industry. Being a woman is not a limitation, Ibukun Awosika changes that narrative.
Meet my idol, Ibukun Awosika

Here's my responds to the ladies of hive weekly prompt by @tibaire asking "With which woman in the history of your country do you identify, and why?"

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