Ladies of Hive Community Contest #86: Extreme example of poverty

Ladies of Hive Community Contest #86

Thanks to @nainaztengra for inviting me to write on this topic.

As many of you might know, I live in India and although my state is quite better off than other states regarding the wealth index, I have seen some cases of extreme poverty when traveling to other places and some within my state too.

The problem with such images is that it sticks to your mind and even if time heals it, it comes up during such moments I wish I could do something to eradicate poverty but man would think, what can one person do?

I remember traveling to a famous temple in our state and the train departed from one station to the destination. The route was different and one that we had never been through before.

To my horror, it passed under a shabby hill and the scene that flashed before my eyes crushed my heart. People were living in huts that were totally in ruins. Small children were playing dangerously close to the railway line and people were collecting water from those rail pipes that supplied water to the trains. The people were begging for food and they were all dressed in dirty clothes and had not seemed to bathe for ages.

At that moment, I thought of it as totally heart-wrenching but when I later think about it, it must have been a nomadic group. In no way were the people of the state in such a condition as to live in this manner. Whichever government is ruling, the people do get food and supplies and since there is an abundance of water, the natives bathe daily, if not two times because of the humid conditions.

So, who were they? What were they doing on the brink of the railway lines?
Were they a begging mafia or such?

All these questions are still unanswered and I hope those people are better off now.

The governments are doing so much for the people. Both central and state. There is no denying that. Organizations also put in a great effort to uplift the people of our country but some people waste their youth by becoming addicts to vices and such. So, their parents or relatives are forced to work in spite of old age and health problems as Nainaz pointed out and it is not just this country. I have read about skid row in the US. I have read about war refugees in so many parts of the world.

Poverty cannot be eradicated once and for all. The people have to conscientiously try to better themselves and not just rely on the politicians to improve their lives.

Nobody will serve you free food for long. Nothing is free in the true sense.
So, make hay while the sun shines and work hard for a better life so that you need not worry tomorrow. Also, make sure that you do not spoil your children. Teach them to be self-reliant and if you are reading this on Hive, why not join it and make an effort to earn crypto.

I am sorry if I sound harsh but life is a hard journey and there is no shortcut.

I invite @xawi to join this contest.

image - @ladiesofhive

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