Ladies of Hive Community Contest #132 / Objects from my Mother

I join the contest proposed by @ladiesofhive in this beautiful community dedicated to women as it is Ladies of Hive, with the purpose of participating, but most of all to express something material that, for many, is not important, and even ignore, for me has a great sentimental value.

I will show you some works made by my pride, my MOTHER, the one who has given me everything, has protected me, cared for me, loved me and more, although she also scolded me at the necessary moments to be who I am today, not so much for my studies but for other qualities.

She throughout her life did countless courses ranging from oil painting, handicrafts, cooking, food preservation, haute couture, embroidery and more, so I try to enhance her works and I think this is an excellent opportunity. I must emphasize that she is still with me and at the age of 86, she is still dedicated to some things, but already as teaching for the grandchildren.

Fotografía de @sariana23 /Caracas/Venezuela /

Here I leave you this beautiful picture, I remember very well when she drew and painted it, she explained to me how to combine the colors to give the different shades, she explained that if the sun was on one side of the picture, you should paint the shadows with the color violet.

I will also leave you this beautiful flower arrangement, I did not observe when she was making it, however, I accompanied her when she took it to the exhibition, which by the way she won. It is not in the same condition, but I try to protect it from the weather.

Fotografía de @sariana23 /Caracas/Venezuela /

As a last picture I show you another painting that she made 5 years ago, which shows that although she is older and her eyesight is not the same, she still likes it and keeps giving her best.

Fotografía de @sariana23 /Caracas/Venezuela /

Many people who have come to visit me, maybe they ask or not, there are other things that catch their attention, but for me, it is invaluable.

I was delighted to share with you this small tribute to my mother and in turn participate in the contest, where very rightly, many things are insignificant for some, but for me, they brighten my day to day.

Now I invite @zulfrontado, @flormarsal and @vickaboleyn to participate, here I leave you the Link

I used the translator DeepL

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