THE WOMAN;  One Who Births Visions & Nations LOH #93

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Hello amazing hivers.. Trust you're having a superb day.
What an awesome day to write on another compelling topic in this Community dedicated to bold and beautiful women.

When did you start to see that attitudes towards women changed in your life and what do you think drove those changes? Please give some examples.

While growing up, I had a very awkward and tough relationship with my Mum. She was the strict and domineering type.
I used to wonder when my friends told me how close they were to their Mum and I'd be like "how does that even feel?"

She didn't allow me to have male friends. If she caught me talking to a boy on the street, she would pounce on me immediately I got home. She would not even care of it was just one stalker, to her men were devil incarnate and always cautioned me to stay away from them, to not even let them touch a strand of hair on my skin if not, I would get pregnant and she would skin me alive.

So my teenage years were difficult. I had a lot of fears, uncertainty with a lot of questions and no one to talk to. I became an introvert who found comfort in reading books & Singing. I couldn't discuss any girly thing with her, not even my menstruation!

She wanted me to always do what she wanted, when and how she wanted. I couldn't even pick my own clothes to wear to Church. She must be the one to pick them for me. I went nowhere without her permission & she seldom gave permissions so I was practically locked indoors, always even till age 19. No mini skirts, no makeup, no pants, the list went on..

I was made to rely on the wisdom I got from movies & reading books which didn't really help but exposed me to some mistakes instead.

How I conquered all these?

I can't thank the Lord enough for His Word & the amazing personalities He brought into my life that helped me see the bigger picture.

I realised that as a woman, I had to accept my peculiarity and give in to my womanhood.

My beauty, my curves, my passions, my cravings...
I began building a mindset of a champion and learnt to do certain things for myself. I was no longer scared, confused but I learnt to dream and stand up for myself.

As a girl child, lady, woman, you're a peculiar treasure.

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God" as the Bible says.

You are a carrier of blessings, a steward of life, one who births nations and visions. Don't try to be a woman, you already are. Give in to your womanhood.

I'd like to use this opportunity to invite my dear friends @couragebox @hopestylist to this contest.

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