LOH Community Contest #57 - My bedtime footsteps...


This is my entry to the LOH contest #57.

What are your nighttime rituals just before bedtime?

My evening rituals in preparing for bed start with putting my own children to bed. They are 8 and 10 years old respectively and after playing scrabble or cards or having another chapter of a book read to them, they both enjoy a nice cuddle and a chat about the world and his dog at bedtime ;-) (anything to delay the eventuality, right?!)

My youngest and I use a rhythmic patting and breathing system to slow down his thoughts and regulate his breath so that his brain falls in line, and gradually slows down by focussing on the slowing rhythms of hands and breaths. He will start to yawn about a minute and a half in and then we will slow to a gentle stop and I will turn him over cuddled up in his blankets with a soft cuddle toy squeezed into his arms and then sing him my own version of Rock-a-by-baby. He loves it and asks for it every night. I leave his room with the glow and hum of the water light keeping pace with his light snore.

My eldest likes to hold my hand and squeeze it whilst he tells me of the little things that may be troubling him. We usually chat for a short bit and then I leave him with hi Alexa on playing soft music whilst he plays with his toy men, before putting them to bed himself and falling asleep.

Then I retire to the lounge with my laptop and a cuppa tea, have a chat with my husband for a bit about life the universe and everything, and often stay up writing and curating on Hive til the early hours of the morning as my creativity awakens when the house is quiet.

When I am done, I head upstairs, take a nice hot shower, throw on some comfy jimber jambers (pj's), brush my teeth, and climb into bed, often with a kitty cat or three in tow.

It's a simple life...hee hee.

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