It's conker time! My best part of Fall - LOH contest no. 50

It's conker time! A great time to be alive and my best part of Fall.

As October draws in, together with the colourful array of Autumn leaves, the conkers start to fall from the Horse Chestnut trees in England. They are the hard brown seeds of the tree that are found encased in green prickly casings. The casings then turn brown and crack open to reveal their hidden treasures. My children love to collect them each Fall and we often make extra trips to the local park for this very reason.

They feel delightful in the hand and we all join in with the kids to collect them from beneath the trees in the longer unkempt grass. I love doing things with my children that bring them joy and the opportunity to spend time with them outdoors is always something I value.

In times gone by children used to play the game Conkers with them, which involves tying a conker to the end of the string and taking it in turns to bash each other's conker until it breaks, leaving the winner as the one with the remaining intact conker. Bonkers I know, but fun! There is a project on to try to revive the tradition and I think I'm going to get my kids to have a go this Autumn 😂

I happen to love all four seasons for the wonderful changes that they each bring to our world, but when I consider Autumn or Fall, my mind wanders to things like the beautiful colours that adorn the trees and later form a carpet for our feet, and the natural cooling down of our side of the planet after a long summer of warmth and growth as it prepares to enter a semi-state of hibernation. I think of Halloween and the fun the kids will have going trick or treating, and I look forward to the wonderful outdoor times we will experience as a family collecting conkers under the Horse Chestnut Trees and enjoying the freshness of the great outdoors as we go on our long walks in the countryside.

Today I am alive and despite the slowing down of the natural world around us, I am feeling energised and looking forward to a trip to the park tomorrow with my children (if the rain stops!) to go and hunt for conkers.

What will you be doing this Autumn / Fall?

I invite @cynshineonline to join the Ladies of Hive and take part in the weekly contest 😊🙏

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