Loving trip to dream Destination// LOH community contest #116

Hello Ladies,

I am Shreya and recently came to know about this community of gorgeous ladies where promotion and encouragement of feminine ideas are done .I really liked the idea and feel grateful about participating in the contest. This is my first ever entry to any such contest on hive and now I post my thoughts here with the intention to engross other ladies like me to join and write beautiful posts in the community.

The question was: If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?

If the almighty allows, I would love to go to Tromso, Norway because when I was around 12-13 years of age, I read in my textbooks about a phenomenon which is called the Northern lights(Aurora Borealis). At that time of age the internet wasn’t a very handy source of information so I only knew that this phenomenon happens in the sky and the sky changes its colors. So this place has been a dream since a very early age.

Tromso, Norway has some treasured wilderness of fjords and mountains and as a nature and sky lover I would love to spend some peaceful time in this place. At night, I am going to get myself pampered under the northern lights sky.

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Tromso is also famous for the midnight sun during the summer season so I will definitely enjoy longer and brighter days with lots of camping and hiking. This place’s essence lies in its wilderness so one day of my trip will be completely dedicated to the Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden which has a variety of unique flora including - purple saxifrage, yellow cushion plants and pasque flowers etc.

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So my plan for the night remains constant. Everyday I am going to enjoy the colorful lights in the infinite sky and write poems under it. Whilst during the day I am going to go for Dog Sledding and enjoy the landscape around the city with my four legged friend.

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Other than enjoying my childhood dream I will go to see the Polaria where I can learn more and more about the Arctic environment. It is the world's most northerly aquarium and I would like to see at least this extreme of the world (if not all). And if I could do this trip during the winter season then I could also go and have a sight of the whales for real and this pretty much excites me as I haven’t seen any such living being all my life.

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And last but not the least, I will surely pay a visit to Nordnorsk Kunst Museum which is an art museum, established in 1985, and has artwork of several great artists. The theme depicts effects of climate change and struggles of life in the far north where lives are engulfed in dark and ice for a major duration of the year.

With this post ending I have already been to Tromso, Ah! What an amazing feeling😊. Thank you so much for this wonderful topic❤️❤️. Good Day!!😍😍

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