[LOH-132] Personalized Ring and the Memories It Holds

I can say that I am really a materialistic person, if only I had money, I would buy everything that I wanted because that would make me happy. But because we are not that well off to get what we "want," I set aside the strong urge to get those things.

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In the end, I just stop wanting anything because the more I want to get something, the more I get disappointed in myself because we can't afford to get our "wants" and would rather get our "needs" because that's the right thing to do.

It's sad, but I've already learned to harden my heart like iron so that I won't feel anything and won't get hurt anymore. Oh gosh, let's stop the drama now and go back to the real thing. Even if I don't have a lot of things with me, those few things I currently have are already enough to make me happy.


This ring is actually not mine, but I am the one who's taking care of it. It was a customized ring using a coin, I'm not sure, but it was made of a coin, according to Mom. That's what I heard from her before, and I can't really remember it now. My mom's name is Flor, as you can see.

This is a very old ring, as in super old, as you can see in its appearance. It has scratches, and the color is not as vibrant as it was before, which is understandable because it was made when I was just a kid. I saw Mom wear this every day, I just don't know when she stopped wearing it.

And actually, I have my own ring like this with my name on it. It is sad that I lost it, but when I received it, I remember that I was so happy because my name was on it just like this. She got this from Mang Boy, a friend of theirs who's very addicted to cigarettes. And even if he has a lot of vices, he is talented.


So, this particular ring, even if it's not mine, is one of those things that makes me smile because of so many good memories from it. And every time I look at it, I can't help but look at the calendar because of how long it has been. Time flies really fast.

I can't remember my age at that time, but I remember how happy I became just by looking at it. I mean, who wouldn't feel happy? It has a name on it, and I also want the same. And now that I think about it, a ring with your name on it is like identification.

If ever I get lost along the way of my journey, I will just look at it, and that'll make me remember who I really was. Unfortunately, I lost my own identification, so I am keeping this to make me remember that I had it too when I haven't lost mine yet.


This may not be as expensive as those luxury jewelries, but it holds a lot of memories that I think are just as expensive as those. Not just to me but also to my mom. It is maybe not as beautiful and well crafted as an 18k gold ring, but it is as important to us because of its immeasurable value.


Topic: Material things are not the most valuable thing in life, however, there are material things that bring joy to our days. Show us something unnecessary but makes you happy — it can be a simple toy or even a cup with a design that you love, and please tell us the story behind that object.
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