Ladies of Hive Contest #91: The Only One

If there is a noise in the world that I love. It would be the noise that is coming from a music. A music that was played by a cool instrumentalist and with a lyrics that can melt even your made of stone Heart and also sang by a good artist with a beautiful voice. I can listen to it forever.



From morning to night and even until I go to bed i always have my headset with me. I can listen to it all day while doing the dishes, while cooking or even while doing my laundry. Doing those house chores with music can make me feel more motivated to do all of those stuff. Even when I go to the comfort room I have my headset with me playing a particular playlist where all of my favorite song on different genre was added.

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What I love more on music is that whenever I am down or going through over something, I can just listen to a song and that will serves as my comforter or my buddy wether I'm sad or happy. You know, Song is also a trigger for me to cry and to release all of my pain. It can push me to cry my heart out, it can also help me to move on if ever I'm heartbroken. Music has different genre just like a human emotions. When we're sad we can just play a happy song, if sad then sad song.

Now, let me share this song that help me get through all the pain I have inside because of heartbreak. I thought moving on will be very hard for me but I guess it wrong. Because this particular song help me to be happy again and just accept the fact that my crush will never like me. I know it is just a simple crush, an admiration but I tell you. Even if it's just like that I still cry hard and if not for this song, I will never gonna move on. Or maybe I will but it will take time.

It's just that whenever I can hear this song that memories of my heartbreak will also go back to me like it is reminding me that once in my life I was hurt because of one person, just a crush though. But instead of sadness, I feel cringe and I can't help but to laugh at it now. I mean, I didn't imagine myself liking someone that is younger to me. And this is just for me okay, but Age really matters to me. But I still liked that kid even though Age Matters to me.

So here's the song. Let me tell you what I first felt when I heard this song. At first, I have no reaction at all coz in my heart I'm still in pain. Then after listening to it over and over, that's where I felt it. I'm like starstruck with the song and the lyrics and feeling all the emotions that the singer is putting into his singing, I suddenly feel happy. I feel lighthearted, I feel like all of the heavy feeling inside my heart was lifted by that song. But first off course I still cry, in that time that I cried I finally accepted it.

After I cry I finally come to conclusion that he is too good for me and that he's the first man who turned my world upside down and that I can be crazy too when it comes to my feelings for a man. I thought I'm a cold woman who doesn't really care about anyone aside from my family and money but I thought wrong. I just accept that I liked him and then I finally move on. I just accept that liking someone truly without denying it is not that bad at all. I accept it all wholeheartedly.

"And I Moved On, thanks for the Memory. Sayonara."


Until now I am still listening to this song off course. And it become one of my favorite song now. I will never forget this song coz it has a big space in my heart already. I have a lot of songs that really gives me a lot of feelings but this is want I want to share because it just happen recently. When you heard the song while reading this, do you feel the Happiness I feel too?

You, turned me inside out and you showed me.
What life was about.
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away


Hello Hivers, thank you for reading until the end. This is actually my Entry for Ladies of Hive Contest #91, thank you so much for initiating this kind of Contest @ladiesofhive . You can also Join on the Contest by Clicking this LINK. Be sure to read the Rules before Joining and Good Luck to us.

I am also inviting @usagidee , @xanreo , @lhes , @dennnmarc and @eybyoung to join in this Contest. Come on in guysuuuu.

July 18, 2022

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