Up that encourage!!.

Up that encourage!!.


This world is full of tired people and we believe that it is normal to live like this, but being tired makes us distracted and in a bad mood, but we can make several changes in our lifestyle in order to have more energy and be able to do more things during the day. day.

The first thing we have to do is analyze how it is that we are sleeping, many of us do not give due importance to sleep and usually we are willing to sacrifice this time when we have a lot of work or we are having a good time at a party or having fun With friends, we have to have a routine of always going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time and at least trying to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

Melatonin also plays a very important role and this is nothing more than a hormone that our brain produces when it gets dark so that our body knows what time to go to sleep and the problem is that when we are on the phone, or seeing screens with a lot of brightness that makes our brain no longer produce this hormone and that does not make us sleepy, so it is better to read a book or go to bed when we are completely sure that we are not going to do anything but sleep.

It is also super important that we analyze what we are eating during the day and before going to sleep, for example, there is something called the glycemic index, which is nothing more than a way to measure how quickly we digest food. foods specifically carbohydrates and how they affect blood sugar levels, so if we eat something with a high glycemic index at lunch time, like, for example, steamed white rice, that's going to be that within a half hour or less of Having eaten this makes us very sleepy or if we drink a soft drink and do not eat anything else, that will also cause our sugar levels to skyrocket, making us very sleepy shortly after.

But how can we know what the glycemic index of each food is, to make it easier practically everything that does not have fiber, does not have fat, does not have protein, will have a higher glycemic index or will be absorbed faster in our body, because fiber obviously takes longer for our body to say it, the same with fats and the same with protein, so these three things are going to work as a brake so that our sugar levels don't shoot up and we don't the dream ones after.

But if we are about to go to sleep, then it makes sense to consume foods high in a glycemic index to make us sleepy and we can sleep better.

The drinks we drink during the day or before going to sleep will have an impact on our quality of sleep. For example, caffeine can last in our body for up to 10 hours, so if we drink a coffee at 2 in the afternoon the most It is certain that until midnight our body still has caffeine inside and we cannot rest well.

Exercising is also super important so that we are not tired during the day, pretend that our cells change when we exercise and make us take better advantage of the oxygen we breathe and that we can convert the food we eat into energy more easily,

Exercising also makes us get tired in a better way and it is a very different tiredness from the one we feel due to lack of physical activity, if we go for a run in the morning or do a yoga session at work, the safest thing is that when we leave to bed we feel this pleasant tiredness that allows us to have a restful sleep.

Being tired all the time is not normal and not because everyone feels that way, it means that it is okay for us to feel that way, so I would love for you to try making these changes in your lifestyle and notice the difference in your quality of life. life. Bay.

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