My purposes for 2023

My purposes for 2023


This is a post to give you an idea of ​​the resolutions you can make for the coming year, some are super easy to follow and I think they can impact our quality of life.

The first and the easiest and that I feel that everyone can do without spending a single penny, is to exercise, I know that this purpose is already very hackneyed and everyone wants to exercise and perhaps every year we set this as a goal , but in truth and I think that exercising is an investment in our health.

I would like to suggest or invite you to make it part of your life, the importance of exercise in bone density, that is, so that you do not get osteoporosis, the importance of exercise so that your metabolism is active and you do not gain weight so that it has enough muscle and you can move from one side to another, you can carry your supermarket, lift a pot, when cooking, a jug full of water; This bone density is lost if we do not exercise.

The next purpose is to start saying no more often, this is because it shocks me to say yes to something I don't want to do, I can't stand doing something I don't want to do and I feel like it's something I've been learning with age and I never thought to say that, but I don't understand why at this age there are still many people who do things they don't want to do.

I feel like many times we fall into this trap of saying yes to things we don't want just to avoid looking bad and think about how many commitments they made this year that they didn't want to go and ended up spending money that they didn't even have and what about maybe not even so much for the money but rather for this question of being in a place we don't want to be, I think it has a negative connotation, we get angry and we are like resisting that event because well we didn't want to go and it was simply because not look bad

So I think that starting to say no is a habit that we can all cultivate and it's okay, if the person gets offended it's their issue, it's no longer up to you to deal with it, we don't have to be rude to say no, we can just be honest but many times people confuse honesty with being rude.

The third is to make conscious purchases and this obviously means that we are acting from awareness, not buying to fill a void, not buying because we have to buy something, not buying on impulse, but first thinking about how much I have to work to be able to buy what I am about to buy, also make myself aware of the environmental impact that this product can have, think about what I am going to do when this product is no longer useful, where am I going to throw it away and who am I going to give it to and how is it going to get to the end of its life cycle this product and the impact it may have on the world and animals and so on.

There are many questions that one should ask themselves before buying something, such as: how the product that I am about to buy was made, if it is something that I really need or is it something that I want on a whim, also to investigate when the sales are going to be , if I know that I need something and I can wait until there is a sale, I wait, it is not a purchase that I am making impulsively and that will also reflect on your personal finances, so it is worth it start making this habit of making conscious purchases because it impacts many areas of our lives.

Remember that it is not about suffering, that is, if you want something that you like, and you feel that it contributes something to your life, buy it or keep it, the problem is when we gather things just in case we need them or because we are Well, trying to fill some void that we have out there, then we also have to be a little honest and it is not about taking things away just to compete with other people who have less, even if that sounds ridiculous.

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