Let's change for the better, my routine

Let's change for the better, my routine

It is possible to lead a lighter and gentler life with the environment and with others, that is totally possible and this is what I do in the morning to help us all, they are small changes that contribute to my well-being and to the environment ambient.

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of water, which I serve from a pitcher that has a filter and in this way I avoid buying plastic bottles of water.

Then he went into the bathroom as I think all people do in the morning and I use mostly paper made from bamboo that comes wrapped in paper, also in this way because I don't buy a paper that is made from trees that is bleached with chemicals And it comes wrapped in a plastic bag.

My bathroom has two options, one is to empty the full tank and the other is only to use half a tank and I always try to use the half tank so as not to waste so much water.

Then I open the window to let in fresh air and not have to spray artificial fragrances, then I brush myself and take a cold shower, although honestly I don't do it so much for the environment, but because I've been doing it for a long time , I think it's a good thing I don't spend hours in the shower anymore like many people do when taking hot showers.

Then I go to get dressed, I use cotton clothes and I try to make sure they are organic cotton, which means that they do not use pesticides for their production, that they also do not have toxic dyes and that they are fair trade, and in this way I do not contribute to the problem of fast fashion.

If I have something to wash clothes, I do it right now so I can hang it out before leaving home. I use detergent that I also bought loose, never in plastic bags or bottles. In addition, the detergent that I buy does not have brighteners, synthetic fragrances, and other substances that are harmful to health and the environment, I also never use fabric softener as it damages washing machines and, like common detergents, contains many toxic substances.

After breakfast I make my bed, I shake and if I have something to clean I use an all-purpose cleaner that I make with vinegar and orange peels and I reuse old cotton t-shirts as rags to avoid using microfiber cloths.

I have had several rags for years and instead of throwing them away I only use them to clean the windows every two or three months, I avoid using synthetic rags because they are very bad for the environment because every time we wash them they release a lot of micro plastics that go into the sea.

Man is an animal of habits and to lead a life with less impact we must make an effort in our behavior, but everything is possible if you want, in the end you are satisfied with what you do and your conscience is clear, it is my grain of sand for this world, I would appreciate if you would take some of these useful tips that will change your life, thanks, bye.

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