When I saw this weeks prompt from #ladiesofhive community, question one there was no doubt in my heart the answer to the question.

Who is the first person you would call when you are in trouble?

If you had asked me this very same question say ten to eight years back, my answer would have probably been different, I would have said my sisters or my mummy. Now let’s date this question to as far as six years which is actually how long I have known the person who is the answer to this question.

My Husband….
That’s who I am calling, without second guessing, without thinking twice, without blinking once, I am straight up calling the one person I trust would do anything to keep me safe and protect me.

This question brings to memory the year 2018, I had just finished a two weeks driving lessons, I am sure I have made mention of this incident before. Well keep your seat belts tight and promise not to laugh at me.

I had just finished learning how to drive, my elder sisters driver was my teacher, we would go out every other day of the week, taking lessons on how to drive and to be very honest I had gotten the hang of it, not so confident behind the steering but I know the basics and my teacher kept saying with more practice I would overcome the fear and shaky legs.

Well, one day April 21st 2018, I remember that date because it is my brother’s wife birthday and also my sisters wedding anniversary and I had made a birthday cake for my brothers wife. Then they used to live a few streets away from us, say like four streets away from my Sisters house where I lived, it was the early hours of the morning, around 8:30am, I really wanted to surprise her early. So I asked my sister if I could drive her small errand car to go do my delivery, she was a bit reluctant and asked I waited for the driver to come so at least someone experienced in driving can sit in the car while I drive but I assured her i could do it, after all, I am not going far, ’it’s just around the corner’
I carjoled her and she agreed and begged me to be careful.

She has witness me drive by myself to a few lonely street drives before and so am sure in her head I could do it since I would drive around lonely streets, Lol, But this was different, this was major road, high way, and I had never driven the major road alone before. It all started out well and smoothly, I had gotten to the very turn that would enable me navigate into my brothers street.

Just as I had made sure it was safe to take the right turn and cars coming were far off just like my teacher taught me, I turned and switched lanes immediately. Now if you are a driver you would understand that when turning, you maintain the lane in which you turned on and watch carefully from your mirror before you can switch lane. I did not watch carefully, I just turned and switched immediately to the fast lane, and then the next thing I heard was booommm!!!. A car had hit me from behind. I was shook, I froze for what seemed to be like 20mins but not sure it was up to that.


Now in my head, the first person I wanted to tell was my husband who was then my boyfriend, I called this young man who was in the airport at that very moment boarding a flight to another city from where I was. I knew he was at the airport, and he wasn’t close by to help me, but my brain could only process his name as I was in panick, i should have called my
Sister who was home and closer to me but I called my husband first. He told me to calm down, take deep breaths, asked me to lock my car and leave the middle of the road,and call my sister. It was when he said ’call your sister shey she is at home?’

That was when it dawned on me that I was really supposed to call my sister first because she is closer and the owner of the car. But I guess I just needed that emotional support and security from him. I called my sister and she and her husband came and sorted out everything.


My sister still drove and dropped me
Off at my brothers street junction and I delivered the smashed cake like that.

Now that is just one instance, I can give numerous accounts of times where I don’t feel safe or someone is trying
to harass Me and it’s my husband, even when he was a boyfriend always came through for me. So yes, if ever I run into trouble, after asking the Holy Spirit to help me and shouting ‘Jesus’ like fifty times, my husband is who I am calling immediately, he always knows how to rescue me.

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