Women are no longer faint-hearted !||LOH#96

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I choose to answer the second question for this week's topic.

Do you think men or women take more risks trading in cryptocurrency market, and why?

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Everyone want to be successful.
Risk is birthed from the desire to succeed.
There are risks everywhere, and success occasionally results from those risks.

Even though the outcome isn't always what we wanted or expected, failure might serve as motivation to try and keep trying again.
There is no guarantee that there will be no loss,but with consistent trial, profit is assured.

Risk, to me, is typically the capacity to go above and beyond what is expected of oneself to try a novel course, an investment, or a business venture without knowing with certainty the outcome of the action chosen,but hoping to attain success.

Therefore, taking risks these days is not just for one gender or limited to a gender as both gender wants to achieve success! I must emphasize that taking risks is a mind and mental exercise supported by a lot of faith, conviction, and uncertainty I must say!

But the time is now
Women are woke!
Women wants to be successful!
Women desire to achieve in a society where survival is essential.

Therefore, unlike in the past, women are no longer afraid to take risks or always want to retreat into their shells no.

The driving force for their tenacity has always been and will continue to be their desire to succeed.
to take a chance and succeed extraordinarily well in the end!

Crypto is a multi -million web chain.So when it comes to crypto trading, and marketing women are holding up, and doing exceedingly great as well .
( Recently Most women are multi -millionaires) all thanks to crypto trading!

Women are risk-takers, just like the men are.
But when the results doesn't pan out as expected, people react in different ways. Some people erupt, while others remain calm.

In this aspect, I feel that men are the calmer and stronger recipients.

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