Contest #150: The Warrior Queen

Women are always being looked down upon because society believes their lives will end in the kitchen. Once a woman is married society believes she cannot achieve anything again because she is under a man's command and her dreams end there. But thanks to the virtuous women who made their voices heard and succeeded exceedingly great. A big thanks to @ladiesofhive for this wonderful topic, allowing us to remember women who have fought a good fight on behalf of the generations to come.

Today, I will be talking about a woman who did the impossible during her days. She is named Queen Amina of Maria popularly known as the warrior queen. She was the first woman to become "sarauniya" meaning queen in a male-dominated society during her reign between 1575 and 1610. She is from the Hausa tribe in northern Nigeria. She expanded the territory of the Hausa people of North Africa to its largest border in history. She is a Hausa Muslim lady from the city of Zazzau known as Zaria in this present age in Kaduna State in Nigeria.

The expansion of her kingdom made it a trading center for other regions, Queen Amina brought unheard-of wealth to the land. She boosted her kingdom's wealth and power with gold, slaves, and new crops. The people of her kingdom then were skilled in metal works which made her introduce metal armour which is being used by her armies. Women's leaders are insignificant in this part of the world but a successful ruler like Queen Amina has given women the platform to see themselves achieving what they never imagined they could achieve. She created a lasting impact that many appreciated as momentous for history.

In our society today, women still face inequality both online and in the virtual world. Queen Amina became the first woman to rule the African kingdom, She is remembered to date as a brave, smart, and talented leader, and in honor of her, her statue is built in the National Art Theater in Lagos Nigeria. She engaged herself in military training and warfare and this made people name her "the fearless warrior". She was appointed as ruler of the kingdom after the death of her brother "Bakwa" because of her great political skills and bravery in wars in which she had helped her brother fight. A few months after her installation as the ruler, she went back to the battlefield, and in every battle fought during her days, she won it all. She went as far as building protective walls around her territory to prevent enemies from attacking and this helped a lot during her reign as queen.

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Queen Amina ruled for 34 years and her reign was peaceful as she helped improve the economic status of her kingdom. Wealth and prosperity became the order of the day in her kingdom and this made her command respect wherever she went. She helps create a wonderful platform for her gender and because of her great impact, it is an eye-opener to every woman in the world today that anything is possible if only we can try.

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