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Morning beauties!

Another happy day in my life! I feel much better today! My little guy slept well last night, my cough is much better, just like life was amazing, just before I heard a strange noise while I was sleeping.

Guess Whaaaat!!!! The next-door apartment is making a remodeling!!! This is the great moment when you sleep and you dream something so sweet and nice (I don't remember what but I know that I was happy) and then you hear BRrrRrR bush bush Poh poh bam bam.

Yeah, he was using a drill machine to make holes in the wall next to my head (our bed is stuck to the wall) and then he decided that it is not enough and caught the hammer. I hope that the other apartment's owner will have a more beautiful place where to live (he was away around 4 years living in another city, now from 2 months he came back).

I know that in our laws they say that remodeling actions are allowed from 8:00 AM to 2 PM and from 4 PM to 10 PM but it was a real shock for me to hear that sound at 8:05 AM.

The interesting thing was that my son didn't hear the sound at all and he continued sleeping during the working time. The neighbor stopped after 20 minutes...

No matter the life continues and soon the remodeling will ends.

I wish him happy moments in the new apartment when it is ready!

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