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Not every day is sunshine and roses.

Everyone has bad days, we all know that. Being a mom showed me that there are more bad days instead of good ones. You almost all the time feel tired, sleepy, even if you try to keep the house clean after you finish you see that the little boy or a girl started the mess again. This is a common pain of all of us.

I had so many attempts to fix everything and they didn't finish well. At one moment I've reached the point named BurnOut.

Here are my top 8 what I do to calm down


#1 Drink some water

If you work in an office where I used to work a couple of years ago I felt often stressed. they gave us lots of work which had to be done not today but "yesterday" and I was always in a hurry. there was a bonus scheme for the payment and if you want to get any better salary you had to work hard (in my case) to make it.

I was (and I still do this) maintaining and creating websites, I took care of their Local and Organic placement in Google. Most of the clients didn't know what they wanted but it must be done today or even "yesterday".

I saw that when I get up from the chair and walk around for some water or a tea I think more clear what to do about the client. and when I sat again in the chair I had a clear vision for the things that I must do.


#2 Some exercises

Again in the office or like now working from home when I feel stressed I try to do some exercises. They can be something easy or even silly just to activate the muscles and bring more oxygen to the brain. I do some squatting for 1-2 minutes or stretches again for 2-3 mins. This gives me the time to think about the problem and to think about the problem from a different angle. It helps even if you do some exercises for your eyes, like looking at something close and then to something away. This relieves the pain in the eyes for the long hours in front of the computer.


#3 Some supplements

Another thing that helps to stop the Burnout is to drink some more vitamins and minerals. Magnesium, Vitamin C, Mint help to feel better, somehow still stressed but feeling better.


#4 Relax

If you are in a trouble, you may need a 10-minute break. It is better to lay down somewhere or even to sit where you can put your head to calm down, I mean your head muscles and neck to be in a calm laying position. Then move your head slowly from left to right and the opposite a couple of times. Moving the head/neck helps the nerves to be "stretched" or released. It is very common when you are stressed from something to feel body pain. If the problem is in the neck this could help you.


#5 Nature

It is not a secret that Nature heals everything (OK not everything but some things). try to find some time to have a walk in a park or in front of your building where there are more plants. Some psychologists say the green color helps to minimalize the stress. It is not a secret that most of the hospitals' hallways are green.


#7 Count

It is funny, but I've tried this. When you feel stressed at work start to count the things around you. Like at my desk now I have 3 pens, 1 pencil, 7 crochet needles, one ball of yarn. Just look around and count.


#8 Sleep more

When I feel stressed often I try to sleep more. Now when I have a little man at home this advice rarely happens because when he sleeps I try to do something at home like to clean something, to fold some clothes or to eat. But when I feel stressed I try and this one. Even sleeping for 30 mins I feel better and not so stressed about the mess. Then I can start doing the tasks that I have for the day.


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Thank you for reading and have a gorgeous day!

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