Contest 111: A search for a new friend

Every human being on earth needs a friend in one way or the other because they searve as a source strength sometimes when you are in need in your family members are not there to support you. Presently am in need of a friend because since I moved out from Lagos state on the 20th of December to Delta state I have not seen a true friend that I will call my friend.

Some of the people I have meet in this pass months are people I can't call my friend because of their life style, a friend is someone who will correct you when you are wrong and someone who will tell you the truth when they are upset with you instead of putting in mind and keeping malice with you. Those are the kind of person I have seen so far and they are not my spike.

Qualities I want in a friend

  1. Responsible: I can say boldly that I am a responsible girl so if I want to make I friend with with anyone he/she must be responsible and decient because there is a saying that say's "show me your friend and I will tell you the kind of person you are", so by so doing I don't want anyone to judge or address me because of my friends behavior.

  2. Hardworking: It's very important to have a friend that is hardworking because am an hardworking girl and I won't want to mingle with a lazy person because when ever am week and I need support such person won't be able to support me and that will totally bring me down.

  3. Vision: I want a friend that has vision in life, someone who can think outside the box to bring ideas that can help improve both our lives and the lives of others around us.

  4. Contented: I am this person that is always contented with whatever I have no matter how little so my friend must exhibit such character because most girls of nowadays are just after the material things and this has made a lot of them lose their lives.

  5. Intelligent: in the aspect of intelligence I won't say am perfect that why I want to have a friend that is more intelligent than I am in some aspect because everyone has his/ her area of speciality so with that we can both educate each other and add more impact to our lives.

  6. Reasonable: there are just some people that you find it very difficult to reason with them so my friend must be someone I can reason with because am this person that doesn't like stress at lot so I can't have someone that will stress me as a friend.

  7. Selfless: they are just some people that are very self even to their own self and that is something I dispice so much and I can't have such a person as my friend because such person can not help you when you are in need.


Finding a true friend is really a good thing and also a blessing because they are some friends that will turn to a sister or brother and such person can go to lengths because of you.

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