LOH 99 || A specific goal from now till the end of the year

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I missed this contest for a while and it was last week I have been planning to opt-in for this new week's contest. I have had people tag me but I just couldn't join, just because my blog has always been occupied for the week. Thanks to every participant who always tag me. I appreciate you. ♥️

Here come the Ladies of Hive Contest 99 and here is the link to participate. I will be inviting @mercysugar and @hopestylist to this interesting topic.

We are already in September and soon it will be the last quarter of the year. Do you have a specific goal you want to achieve by the end of the year? Tell us about it and what you are doing or will do to achieve it.

After September, we have three more months to the end of the year 2022 and I am so grateful that some of the goals I listed at the beginning of this year have been achieved. I still have some goals I have just added especially last month to achieve before the end of the year.

Immediately after I finished my final paper in February, I added one goal to my list which I am still on it now but I believe I would have achieved my target before the end of the year because with the look of things, it's likely we won't be going for National Youth Service Corps this year, and if my school would answer us this year, I am rest assured I would have done more than half of the goal.

What is the goal?

Having enough money for my accommodation and things I will need
for my service year because except for God, I have no one to help me.

Since February, I started saving HBD every week for this particular goal of renting a nice apartment for myself because I am already tired of where I live currently, and I need to upgrade my level and change the environment completely into a nice place. Thank God for the 20% interest every month even though I withdrew some last month for urgent stuff.

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a one-year service for every Nigerian graduate where they will be posted to different states to serve their country. At that moment, one has to plan for the moment so as not to become stranded.

Thank God for the work from home I have engaged in and could be able to fend for myself, and because of the income I get, I decided to make it a goal to save for this purpose so I won't have to face some challenges I never planned for myself.

Permit me to include this too because this goal is something I am already working on. I want to surprise my younger sister who is the last born in the house with a new phone. Phone is so expensive now.

The last time I went home, she complained of her phone being a challenge to her. I didn't say anything but told her God will provide.

I wish to grant her a request and surprise her before travelling home by December. So, I plan to save for a new phone for her which by God's grace, I will get before then.

There are other goals I would like to include, but let me just stop here because it's like a secret to myself until it is actualized, then I will talk about it then.

Thanks for your time.


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