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To all beautiful ladies and women in this community, I wish us a wonderful week. Thanks to @trangbaby for bringing, yet another wonderful questions to choose from.

After much pondering on them, I decided to go with the first question that says;

Do you know how to be an effective advocate for your beloved one or friend when they're dealing with a mental health issue? Do you know how to respond, and whom to contact for help? Have you ever faced such a challenge?

Many of us have been in one mental issue or the other due to different causes and I, also have been in one before which left a big spot in my heart till today. It was unexpected and so, I was depressed for many weeks, before I finally realize I need to move on if I do not want to add more illness to my body which could result in something else.

Different causes of mental health issues are;

I have been bereaved some years back when I lost my mom to death. It was a breakdown in my body at that time and I lose focus on so many things that it affected my health a lot. I was so close to her, and it was so difficult moving on without a mother figure in my life, and it got worsened whenever I see other people with their moms, but the deed has been done– I just needed to move on and let go of everything then.

So, for something like that, I know how it feels when someone else is going through such trauma, and the best is to be around such a victim so they don't commit something drastic to themselves.

We have heard of different cases of people committing suicide due to depression from facing one problem or the other, and instead of them speaking up, they resort to committing suicide because they think that is the only way they could overcome whatever they are going through.

I was in the position to help someone going through depression some weeks ago, and I was glad I was of help to him with just an article I wrote then. He confirmed it helped him heal and that was a plus to me also.


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He was dumped by his girlfriend which made him go into depression for days which I didn't know since he didn't speak up. But I noticed his mood and emotion through chatting. I am a counsellor and I observe people a lot, especially when they are going through a problem.

He transferred his aggression to me but I am someone who understands. A few days later, he opened up to me, apologizing to me for how he reacted the previous day, but I made him know it was nothing because I knew something was going on with him.

That was when he opened up and narrated the incident to me. This heartbreak caused him to be sick and I realized how truly he loved the girl. We both talked and I explained a few things to him. Then, I gave him a link to my article about being a victim when you have been breadcrumbed. You can check my article about it here.

After a few minutes, he returned and thanked me because to him, that was exactly what he had just gone through. He accepted that he has been breadcrumbed.

I did my best to console him and made him know he could always come to me for help and that I would be there to listen anytime.

Someone like him could commit suicide since it's something very common to people who are dumped in relationships and that isn't the best.

One way to seek help for victims in this situation is to refer them to a therapist or psychologist who would talk to them, and if possible undergo some therapies.

Being around people having mental health issues is something that can be of help in a little way, even if their case requires them to see a professional who would help them heal. Being around such people will not allow them to take a bad step or decision that could eventually affect their relations or family members.

I will be inviting @nkemakonam89 and @merit.ahama to participate in this #100 contest of the LOH which can be found here.

Thanks for your time.


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