Ladies of Hive Community Contest #66: I ENCOUNTERED A GHOST

Photo by: Drew Tilk

Good day to all amazing and beautiful ladies/women in this community. I am beginning to get addicted to this contest that I am always eager for the next contest and its beautiful questions always asked from every participants and it's a great moment spending to read most articles which helps me to get to know some of us here and their countries culture. It's yet another amazing contest with lovely questions and just as I commented on LOH contest post, I would be going for the second option about my experience with a ghost and I saw this a coincidence because I have wanted to write about it.

Do you think you’ve ever encountered a ghost?

I have always heard of many stories in my hometown where ghosts would always come out every day when the sun is out. At this hour and at a particular forest, which also leads to the road too. No one would be seen walking on a sunny afternoon but only the ghosts who would come out to go have fun in the outskirts of the village and return to their graves later in the evening. No one would know they are ghost unless those who can see spiritually. When I was told this, I was scared but would be careful not to take the route they pass, not until one day I saw one with my eyes.

This was how it happened;

In my hometown, there is a big cemetery or graveyard beside our house. It's the village cemetery where all bodies are buried (both Christians and Muslims). It was a sunny afternoon when I and my younger brother decided to see a family friend off. We already saw him off and while coming back, my brother insisted we pass through the forest because it was a shortcut. While coming, I was in the front while my brother was behind me, then I saw a man coming at the front. He was all in white, no shoe nor slippers, he had a white substance rubbed on his face and he was coming with one step each. I didn't notice it was a ghost who came out to go to the town.

My brother who stayed in the village for few years already knew it was a ghost and quickly he dashed off into the bush without telling me anything. I just found out he wasn't coming behind me, I suddenly increased my walking steps and my mind was for me to reach the junction before him. He was coming while I was also coming too, I wanted to reach the T-Junction before him so I can be free.

He was staring at me but I was looking down and increasing my steps. Then suddenly, he passed by me while I was so much afraid. Perhaps he must have noticed me that I was afraid, or he was just going on his way since I didn't hurt him. When I got to the junction, I ran as fast I could and by the time I looked back, I didn't see him again. I got home and explained to my Grandma and she told me they don't hurt people unless those that are involved in their death.

That was the first time I saw a ghost live and didn't do anything for me.

You can also participate by clicking this link to read the rules. I will also be inviting @adoore-eu to opt in too.


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