[LOH#96] Who takes More Risks in Trading

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Glad to join in the @ladiesofhive #96 weekly contest. We were given two wonderful topics, but i will be choosing this:

Do you think men or women take more risks trading in the cryptocurrencies market, and why?

Before trading was more like a man thing, up still now only few female knows about cryptocurrency but they have been a great improvement than before.
Trading is basically for any gender be it man or woman.


I think men takes more risk in trading than women. Some women are very soft at heart. I remembered when i lost money in crypto, i didn't cry tho but it really changed my mood, i wasn't happy at all but women might cry 😂.

Men seems to be stronger and take what ever comes their way. I have met a guy that lost millions in future trading, he was depressed but then he just had to gather himself back and it took time, he had to learn more before going back into trading.

Imagine me losing that kind of money 😂. Even sometimes when i sell hive at 0.5 and it pumps to 0.8, only that feeling that ruins my day. But with time am getting to be stronger in the market, understanding how the market works and getting a strong heart.

I would love to invite @hopestylist @belleflower to join this contest. You can know more about it here

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