[LOH#100] Avoiding Online Scam

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It's another edition of the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt.
It feels fantastic to write in the #100 contest.

I have been a victim of internet fraud severally albeit not necessarily a relational kind of scam.
Mine was in a form of investment and being compensated.
I have met several Friends online but I haven't been in an internet relationship.
If we should be in a relationship we should at least see first.

Avoid internet dating
For me, I believe internet dating should be avoided. Its true individuals get to know themselves and get married via social media platforms but before you define the relationship and get deeper into online dating make sure you visit the person.
If your friend is extremely distant, maybe in separate countries make sure you have video calls, and zoom in to make sure you aren't conversing with a scammer.

Don't transfer money if you're not sure
If you encounter someone who is continuously bugging you to pay money for problems, you might ask for evidence before giving.
Avoid transmitting money if you suspect any type of fraud.
Avoid trusting internet people quickly.
I have been there previously when I lost over $200.

Report the User
If a person threatens you in a case if you don't give money. You may report the individual on any social network and the person might be banned.

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