Stubborn like Ox: Weekly Contest

Hi Ladies of Hive! Hope you are all doing well! Here is my contribution to the weekly contest. It wasn't a hard choice for me to think about what to choose: I definitely went with: What is one thing you do not understand about yourself?


As a picture and title say more than a thousand words, you might be guessing now that I am really, really really stubborn. I like how in English the expression is ' Stubborn like ox', but in the Netherlands we say: stubborn like a donkey haha. Well anyway, that is me and it baffles me sometimes, why am I this stubborn? And what do I gain from being this stubborn?

Let's start at the beginning

Back when Pauline (that's me!) was still a little Paulinetje I was stubborn as could be already. Apparently as a child I refused to wear the color pink and would squirm my way out of any pink clothes. Also my mother tells me that since I was a baby I refused to eat certain foods and when left at the table by my exasperated mother who would leave me there with the words: ' you can't leave the table until it's finished!' I would still be sitting there hours later stubbornly refusing to eat my now cold food. This picture is me at one of those endless table sessions haha:

But wait, it gets worse!

So you are now already thinking why the hell would you spend all that time just bothering yourself really? What did you gain from it? But it gets even worse! Because I will remain stubborn even when I know I am wrong! Crazy right? Oh and I would get really cranky too. I found this hilarious photo of grumpy me because I didn't want a photo taken of me.

Now you think, well all kids can be like that. But I am afraid not all has changed. I ended up in a long discussion last week with my boyfriend about a large construction crane that has been posted outside our flat for a couple of months now. The discussion? Which way the crane was facing that day..... To save you the whole discussion: I was wrong. He was right. But I still have not been able to admit this to him! Why? Why am I like this? I think it might always remain a mystery....

What about you? What about yourself do you not understand?

I have really enjoyed making this post! Thanks @silversaver888 and @joanstewart for the input! I would love to invite @playfulfoodie to come check out our community here!

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