Oops I did it again

I was celebrating my Hive birthday and then... ignored all of your nice comments.

It was health related, again. Migraine. This time it was for a good cause though.


My regular readers will know I've been struggling with my energy pool. As in, I hardly have one. It's been a bit of a problem for me for years, but it's gotten worse since about a year ago, when I basically came to sit home with a burnout.

I've had one before. One of those awesome burnouts, where your body has all sorts of ailments and your brain is mush and foggy. I came to sit home then aswell. Quit my job and took some me-time. That's when I started blogging on Steemit and after about a year, my brain was screaming for a new challenge. So with partially renewed energy, I managed to get a new IT job and was happy to get back in the game.

This time around, I also quit my job, because I couldn't deal with the hassle of having to constantly explain to the company and their hired doctor why I wasn't better yet. They weren't pushy, but asking anything of a burnout patient is just too much. Also, I didn't enjoy the job anymore. Anyway, so I've been sitting at home for a year again. This time around though, my brain hasn't healed much. There's no call for action, for a new challenge. It's still fog and mush.

So I've been thinking for a few months now that I should get my blood checked. That's not a fun thing to do though and I've been putting it off, annoying myself more and more. Until thursday, when I was so annoyed with myself for putting it off, I called in reinforcements. I told hubby about my plan. A few seconds later, his phone was in my hand and my choice was to either tell him a bunch of nonsense reasons why it wasn't time for me to call the doctor yet, or to just call. So I called.

The awesome assistant gave me an appointment on friday morning, when there might also be a possibility of taking my blood right after. So to make sure I could make use of that possibility, hubby and I thought it might be best not to eat something before my appointment. Because for some blood tests, your blood needs to be clean of recent food/drinks. So all I had was some water.

Headache trigger!

Being a little stressed out about visiting the doctor, getting my blood taken and then also not eating or having my regular morning tea... well that led to a migraine by the time I got back home... for a good cause though!

So I did go to the doctor and very unlike me, I kinda took charge of most of that appointment, telling him what I thought I needed, why, and also telling him what the assistant said about taking my blood right after. He agreed with the blood testing, got me a form filled with tests to do and send me back to the assistant with the form. I had to wait a little and then was called in for the blood taking part. We filled up four seperate vials while the nice blood-taking lady kept me talking and distracted (and I very much looked away from all of the action). Then I was out the door and I am now waiting for results!

Hubby was super sweet, driving me over there and telling me he was going to wait until I got back out to drive me back home. He didn't want me to have to walk back after my blood had been taken. Poor guy had to wait for almost an hour!

For the rest of the day, I ate and drank a lot and did very little, just to try and keep my migraine to a minimum. I slept quite badly for the second night in a row, but the headache is kinda gone now. Can't be doing computery things for long though, as I don't feel 100% yet.

I wonder if something will pop up out of the blood tests. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for. Well... something easily fixable that explains my burnout-ish symptoms would be nice, but when have things ever been that easy, huh? Atleast if everything checks out, I'll know for sure it's just my head and me still asking too much. I'll know for sure I just have to come to terms with not being who I used to be and having to take some steps back. Go through that mourning process. I work better with enough knowledge, so I guess even that would be a step forward.

I'll keep you posted!

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