A Contagious Ghost: LOH #107

The essence of living in serenity and harmony lies in a pure heart. Perhaps I want to be a contagious ghost.

As much as I would want to live in a perfect world, that is not the reality. Life is full of paradoxes, and nobody wants to be paralyzed by a greedy desire.

If I am worth anything, I am a contagious ghost with a pure heart.

Ladies of Hive Community, initiated by @saffisara asked, “If you were a ghost and could possess people, what would you make them do?”

All I want is to infect others with a ghost power of being contagious.

In all seriousness, I would probably be the contagious ghost. I want to be contagious in spreading all acts of goodness in the world with a pure heart.

I want to possess to people through spreading both radiance and magnificence all around the world as I lead by example.

A complex world is a never-ending scenario of discontentment, happiness, and greed. Whether we like it or not, sometimes, we are paralyzed by a greedy desire.

When the heart gets paralyzed by greed, we tend to be unhappy, never content, and do a lot of evil. One day, too many desires led to paralysis.

Perhaps if given a chance to possess people, I will be a selfless ghost wherein everyone dares to live a life like a saint.

I will let people embrace lightness in their hearts generously, where they will learn the art of accepting and letting go of things beyond their control.

I will never make their minds too greedy to desire a million things in a blink. Instead, I will guide them to trust the process even if it is the hardest.

I will dare to create their happiness and contentment every single day by being rooted in a pure heart and being powered by a peaceful mind.

A ghost that allows people to be rooted in a pure heart.

The desires of the people’s hearts may be too many. I will make them rooted with a good heart.

When people are rooted in a good heart, they would always balance things in their life as good or evil.

I will let them wise as they can at all times. I will always choose the right and the brighter side of life to not be paralyzed by greedy desire.

Sometimes being greedy in a positive way will make sense, but to have greed is a work of an evil heart.

When people work things out from a good heart, one day, they will be surprised about how life graciously blessed them in so many ways they never thought. Blessings just come more than what their heart desires.

I will allow people to learn the art of weighing things through wisdom. If the time comes that they fail to make it, let a positive mind make things right. So the key is to be rooted with a good heart. Surely they will not regret anything in life as they keep themselves far away from selfishness, discontentment, and unhappiness.

A ghost that lets the people dwell in a peaceful mind.

I will build a strong foundation of peace in other people’s lives and dwell with a peaceful mind despite being hated by others for embracing peace and serenity.

I will possess a worry-free life against haters. I will focus on myself as distant from things that would destroy me.

When I established myself with peace, I would be far from any trouble that could harm me and the world. So I will carry on and hold on to what I believe.

Consequently, I choose to be rooted with a good heart and be established with a peaceful mind because I hate greed. All I want is kindness and generosity.

I may not be perfect in good desires, but I always strive to make things right, to stay away from paralysis that would stick me against evil.

When a soul is paralyzed by greed, it must go forth bravely toward the brighter side of life through different aspects and perspectives with kindness and humility.

A ghost that makes an apology to anyone hurt in the past.

Most importantly, I would let the people go back to everyone they have sinned with and apologize to anyone they had hurt throughout their existence.

It is what it is. As a contagious ghost, I must deal with it as I handle everything with care.

Even a simple wave of the hand empowers, inspires, motivates, and encourages.

It always feels so good to be a good influence on one and all. Every humble act led to more selfless progress.

It is very challenging. It is a matter of taking control unless a soul would revoke it.

As a soul grows every day, I am a ghost that learns to grow together with others while radiating positivity and being a source of inspiration.

Just like the Moon being a source of radiance even in the darkest angle.

I may not change how the world runs, but I can always change how people would run for their life while possessing them despite being chased by monstrous and evil things.

All I want is a ghost that empowers others to be contagious too.

As a ghost, I will possess people while having a pure heart. I will do my best to maintain equilibrium in their daily lives. That is, to keep their daily lives in all possible ways and not be paralyzed by a greedy desire as I stay contagious of spreading positivity in the world.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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