Ladies of hive( Contest 126) – Can we have a world without either of the genders?

Their were many things to actually look into recently, especially looking from the end at which both genders react at times, thou stats has it that the male gender has more trouble than we the ladies, especially in some parts of the world, less regard is given to the girl child, oftentimes I always advocate that a girl child deserve much respect and attention than what the world is giving them in some part of the world.

Being an African child makes me understand more, and I can tell that wives here are definitely trying to match up, but a very funny understanding that females don't have the same right has as men also limited their voice being heard, today there are thousands of women trying to survive in their marriage, even though they are passing through some rigorous moment in it.

All too can't be pushed to the male side alone, because the society that we find ourselves in today is quite unpredictable at all, there are women that are certainly making things hard for men too, although they get adequate care and love, they're just the type that is find more Joy in causing havoc and making life hard for the men.

But looking at the level of trouble and distress caused by both gender to each other at times, can we really have a world or society where it will just be women world alone based on the #ladiesofhive #contest?

(1) Can we have a society of all women?

Around 2019 stats has it that 71% of women who love alone do well in life more than me who attempt to, a world where women stay alone can certainly be achieved, irrespective of the productive part of it.

Women today can handle everything perfectly career and every other things, women are more productive when it comes to establishment also, aside the reproductive side of this nature, women sincerely deserve a. world of their own, where there is peace and harmony and no one to intimidate them or make them feel less of themselves at all.

(2) Can we have a society of all men as well?

I will absolutely give no chance to this at all, a world where men live alone is definitely impossible, even putting aside the productive side of it too, men won't still be able to care for themselves alone, coming from the house chores and taking other responsibilities on their own is definitely hard to achieve, ladies on their own enjoy their own company, compare to the company of men who becomes more boring on most occasion.

A world where men live alone will certainly be disastrous as a lot of greediness and envyness will definitely come in.

(3)Which society would have the best chance of survival and why

At all times will I certainly consider giving it to the women world, their sense of reasons attitude towards life is definitely better and fair than the other gender, the women world will definitely experience ease when not comes to attaining the best and taking care of all the necessary things in their world.

Take away the necessity that comes with productive, all things in terms of good life and having all things without stress will certainly be better in the female world, the best place to definitely get emotional balance too is in the female world as there won't be needed to bullying anyone and proving superiority in terms of right and gender equality.

This is my entry to the ladies of hive Contest.


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