Managing an enemy- STRESS

IMG_20221207_085557_953.jpga victim of stress

Hey @ladiesofhive, it's my pleasure to be here again and to be a participant of the ongoing contest or the week. Hence, I decided to drop an entry on something I'm quite sure affects us all and that's Stress

Sometime ago, I had undergone a very strenuous episode in my life and I felt as if I was seriously gonna tear down. I had to multitask my computer training with my work as a teacher, I also had to read for an examination which was yet to come up and at the same time never wanted to be inactive on steemit blogging platform.

And boom there was a serious clash, my health deteriorated seriously, I lost appetite, had sleepless nights, lacked concentration at work as I made terrible mistakes, my brain failed me because it couldn't cope any longer. Yes I was kinda in a stagnant position because I couldn't move front nor back. I wouldn't let this happen, I swung into action and below the few steps I took:

  • Ate healthy diets: since I lacked appetites for major meals, mom endeavored to wet my appetite by making some light meals which were sure my favorite, I can remember I had tons of slice bread and margarine then. I didn't try to force myself to meals I never wanted, so I was extra careful of what I consumed.

IMG_20220904_105759_304.jpghad most of my favorites

  • Spent enough time with family and friends: Normally, my device has taken a greater part of me but at that point I needed to act with swiftness, yes I dropped it and only touched it when necessary. I spent time conversing with my siblings and dad most especially, my best friends was always there to keep me company. Spending about 8hours with me each day, that soul needs a medal from me.

  • Had enough sleep and rest: Actually, I'm not a fan of siesta (afternoon sleep), I even suggested to mom that I take some sleeping pills but she said no, I can always sleep naturally. Mom made sure she locked me in, took away my phone or anything that could captivate my interest and would then leave me to wander in my dreams. I can say this was quite helpful as I always woke up with a renewed vigour and strength, a calmer brain and relaxed muscles

  • Exercised regularly: Although I didn't really take part in body fitness exercises, the daily evening strolls round my locality helped me a lot. My loved ones willingly went with me on such strolls and it was quite fun and memorable.

Stress isn't a good thing, I can remember taking a week off work just to be restabilized. I was good to go again after I had put the above steps in practice. Deal with stress now else it will deal with you and that's sure not a nice one to expect.

♥️My regards ladies by @pearlie123♥️

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